Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Invasion Planned for San Diego

For those who may live in San Diego, I should probably head to some other destination for the next few weeks because your city is about to be invaded for several weeks. Do not say you have not been warned.

After decades of San Diego Comic-Cons the city may have become accustomed to costumes and heavy traffic for the week in which it resides. However, San Diego will also be playing host to Westercon 68, which is the western region Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention the weekend BEFORE, over July 4th weekend to be exact.

And if you are a true fan, costumer, or avid volunteer, you can just stay in San Diego for two weeks, because SD CC will be not even half a week after the Westercon.

The videos preparing con goers are already up on YouTube, from advice on how to collect the most SWAG while you are there,
To the must find for The Power Rangers actors and panels.

Keep on the lookout for more tips on YouTube if you are going into San Diego for Westercon or waiting it out for SDCC. Above all, be safe and stay hydrated. 

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