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Historical Suspense with Christopher Savio

The Daguerreotypist
by Christopher Savio

About The Author:
I spent my life bouncing back and forth between Southern California and New Jersey. During my elementary school years I discovered that I have dyslexia. Therefore, I learned to read with a lot of help from my parents and eventually got good enough to read novels. With the influence of my father’s interest in horror movies and history, I read two things, Stephen King and history books. It’s no surprise my stories, have a touch of both in them.
Working with the public, including the rental car business, my father’s diner, and later evolving into a teacher of Native American history, criminology, and special education, has allowed me to draw upon experiences that reveal much about human behavior. My writing reflects many of the different personalities and settings have I’ve come to know first hand. 
Of course I’ve never come across a demon, witch, the devil himself or a serial killer, but the personalities and people I’ve met are represented within each one of my characters.

On a personal note, I have a family, a house and the white PVC picket fence. I graduated from college and have a dog my kids call Roscoe. (Max from The Beckoning) What’s of more interest to you is that my favorite hobby is writing, the scarier the better. If you love stories that will scare the pants off you that are priced for the 99 per centers like myself, then you have come to the right website.

About The Book:
Funny thing about life is that people seldom recognize its beauty or what they have until it’s gone. In 1842 New York City, Isaiah Whitfield, a pioneer in photography (daguerreotypist) and a religious zealot, is no different. Incapable of recognizing anything but the bad in the world, he embarks upon a crusade to perfect society and to bring about the Second Coming. If he can scare people away from sin, even if he has to kill the sinners to do it, Isaiah is certain that he alone can bring about Christ’s return. That is until Satan makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

In 2012, Rachel and her fiancĂ© occupy Isaiah’s old apartment. Rachel, outwardly happy with her life, deep down wants something more. When an undeveloped daguerreotype is found hidden in her studio’s wall it sets her life and the fate of New York City on a collision course with disaster. Rachel falls hopelessly in love with the man in the old picture, but unwittingly frees the now demonic serial killer, Isaiah Whitfield, from Hell. True to form, he immediately goes on killing sprees in two different centuries.

As Rachel finds out, loving a time traveling serial killer straight from Hell has its downsides. For Isaiah, complete blindness to the wonders of this world may have ruined him for ever. Can the power and beauty of love change a demonic serial killer? Can Rachel come to her senses before she loses her fiancé and possibly her own life in the process? In the summer of 2012, the fates of many in New York City depend upon it.


A Day in My Writing Life

I’ve been asked before how I am able to write while being a father of two, a teacher of seven classes in a public high school and tutoring several times a week.  It isn’t easy, but if one is disciplined it really isn’t that hard. (Having a great wife who understands my writing affliction doesn’t hurt either.) On days that I have extra spunk I will get up around 5:30am or earlier and crank out about two to three hundred words.  Once at school I try not to waste any time while I am there.  This is an important point to keep in mind.  What ever your job, it is important to make sure you take home as little as possible.  This is something that I always think about when people tell me they don’t have time to write or do anything else for that matter.  Analyze your day and think about all the wasted time.  If you don’t waste time and are productive, think of all the wonderful things you could accomplish.  That is the attitude I employ and I am in the process of writing my fourth book.  I have the same time everyone else does in life, I just don’t waste it searching You Tube,, or whatever people waste their time with.  That alone will give you more than enough time to accomplish something like writing a book.  Once the school day is done, I usually have time afterwards between tutoring or picking up the kids that I will try and pump out another three hundred words.  That means on a good day I will come home with about six hundred words under my belt.  After baths, homework and watching television and spending time with my wife, I get a second wind around eleven at night.  Another good hour and half of writing later and I can easily reach my thousand words a day quota.  On the weekends it is another story all together.  On those days I sneak up stairs every chance I get while my kids are watching their cartoons or Wizard’s of Waverly Place.

So you see, all in all, my days are packed, but not difficult.  I don’t have to close myself in my room and barricade myself away from the rest of the world.  If I budget my time wisely and learn to do without much sleep, it’s a piece of cake.  Besides, seeing one’s name on the spine of a book is much better than any Sunday sleeping in for an extra hour, trust me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Suspense Thriller: The Ressurection of Hannah

The Resurrection of Hannah
A Novel Inspired By True Events
by Kathryne Arnold

Guest Post: Hypotherapy

I wanted to share some facts about hypnotherapy because there are a lot of myths out there regarding the practice. I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in Florida with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I have been employed in the mental health and social services field for twenty-five years, some of those years in private practice. When clinically appropriate, I have utilized hypnotherapy to help enhance my counseling techniques with certain individuals. I completed extensive study in Cellular Release and Cell Command Therapy training outside Houston, TX, later becoming a nationally certified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy can assist in removing the blocks to and causes of trauma and painful memories that are stored on a cellular level.
Many people have heard or read things about hypnosis that aren’t true or have been exaggerated. Much of this misleading material comes from movies, television or books, either through a lack of knowledge or a desire to entertain, with individuals distorting their abilities to thrill the reader or audience.
Let me explain that going into hypnosis is a perfectly normal experience, often we go into a natural trance state throughout the day without being aware of this occurrence. Everyone describes being in a state of hypnosis differently, but most people describe it as a calming, serene state where they are still aware and in control, but exceptionally relaxed. While under hypnosis, the client is aware of everything the therapist is verbalizing at all times, and they don’t forget anything unless they consent to forget what has transpired. No one can be hypnotized without their agreement or willingness.  Any trance state is really self-hypnosis, but you work together with the therapist to accomplish a profound curative level of hypnosis. The more tranquil and compliant a client is, the more benefits they will gain. No one can be made to do or say anything they are opposed to, and no one has the power to put you into the hypnotic state.  A person can resist any suggestion, whether you enter hypnosis or not depends entirely on you. 
Anyone undergoing hypnosis will always arouse from hypnosis readily. No one can endure in a deep trance state for more than several minutes unless they desire this. Hypnosis permits your inner mind (subconscious mind) to receive positive suggestions that can improve your self esteem, self assurance, and self-image. Hypnosis is not an extraordinary ability, it is simply a practice that empowers your mind to tap into and use your own normal healing and somatic capacities, to assist in healing or to better achieve physical accomplishment. Hypnosis is not dangerous if used by a competent practitioner, and it does not negatively affect ones resolve. The reverse is true; it strengthens the will and expands the command of the mind.
Hypnosis can be extremely beneficial in improving your mood, decreasing anxiety, preventing panic attacks, and to lessen or eradicate phobias, obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors. It can help tremendously in reducing and managing acute and chronic pain, can assist with smoking cessation and weight loss. Some therapists perform age regression hypnosis, taking a client back to an earlier age or for past life regression. Hypnosis, if used properly, wisely and professionally, can be a very powerful tool in identifying causes of trauma and resolving blocks to abundant emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and health.

About The Author:

Kathryne J. Arnold holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and is a licensed mental health therapist and certified clinical hypnotherapist. Her extensive knowledge of the human experience, garnered from more than two decades in the mental health and social services fields, is reflected in The Resurrection of Hannah, her first novel.

Ms. Arnold has completed a second novel in the Samantha Clark Mystery Series, which was recently published. Her series features the same protagonist as she moves through unexpected life adventures. Ms. Arnold lives on the water in sunny Clearwater, Florida, with Zoe, her toy poodle muse.

For detailed author/book/event information, please visit Kathryne’s website at

Book Description:

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Release Date: March 15, 2011
Buy: Amazon

Samantha Clark meets with a monthly group to delve into subjects of interest. They dabble in meditation, dream work, and hypnosis — just friends having fun. But lately Sammi is feeling off-kilter and plagued with poor sleep. Searching for a natural solution, she discovers a bitter herb known to induce slumber, whips up a concoction to sweeten the herb, and imbibes. Unbeknownst to her, these areas of experimentation are whirling together to form the perfect storm, one that will blow open an entrance in Sammi’s mind that leads to another world, a door that can never again be closed.

She becomes enmeshed with two friends in a tug of war between life and death: Melissa is dealing with a complicated pregnancy and Julie is wrestling with cancer. Adding to this turmoil is Sammi’s disconnect with her career as a psychotherapist; her life doesn’t seem to fit any longer. Into the drama walks Todd, a handsome, laid-back guy who lightens up her days. Trouble is, Sammi is having a hard time getting close, and a nagging sense of doubt and fear. Like so many times in the past …

But the topper to all this is the dreams. They begin innocuously…but quickly morph into mind-blowing spiritual adventures. The crazy nocturnal activity appears to be related to a soulful character trying to make himself known. In a quest to uncover the truth, Sammi researches clues discovered during her nighttime romps. What she finds is another facet of herself…all wrapped up in post-colonial 18th-century clothes. Sammi flies off to New England, and with the aid of the Reverend Clark, her skeptical father, she embarks on an adventure, revealing a tragic, centuries-old mystery. One only Sammi can solve.