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How to best present your book through a video trailer

How to best present your book through a video trailer

When publishing a book, creating a video trailer might not be the first element of marketing that crosses your mind. However it is an extremely effective way of getting your book noticed and an easy way for your potential readers to notice you.  

Your book can be the best thing that was ever written and have the most complex and interesting characters in the world, but if the readers have not heard of it they are unlikely to buy it. Most people go out to buy books they have heard about rather than browsing bookstores or online shops without a clue what they are looking for. The readers have also moved their attentions from libraries and posters to the online media. This is not necessarily a negative thing for those writing books. The internet offers great opportunities to market your book in a manner that is more engaging and pulls the reader towards your book in a whole new way. 

If you have no experience with expressing yourself through visual media it can be a good idea to contact a video production company. Video is quite different from the written word in many ways.

The most important thing is not necessarily that the production company have read your book, but that they understand the message it is sending. If the production crew understands what you want to say with your book it is easier for them to help you express this through a video. A production company will storyboard your book, select music that will enhance the images and more often than not they will want you involved in the creative process which can give great inspiration. 

There are also free tools online that you can use to create your book trailer. This will potentially take more time than hiring someone to do it for you, but if you want 100 per cent creative control, this can be a good option. Before you get started, watch a few other book trailers and take note of what you like and what you do not like. This makes a great framework for how you will create your video. Next, write up a script and storyboard your video. This will allow you to plan out what and who you will need in order to create your video. Then you just get started, and remember that you can always edit and reshoot scenes until you are happy.

One of the advantages of a video is that it is easy to share. When watching your video the potential reader can with just a few clicks send the video on to friends via email, or share it through social media channels. This helps spread your message and announcement that the book is coming out. It also helps with the element of brand awareness. Although the potential reader might not order your book immediately, when they next are looking to buy a book they are likely to remember yours from the video and then consider purchasing it.

Bio: Ingunn is a marketing enthusiast working with
video production in Essex . 

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