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Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend uses fantasy to entice kids to read

 From Scribe D.D. Turner and Turner Scribe Publishing Group
comes a fantasy-fiction literary series like no other . . .The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend literary series  and the author/creator, D.D. Turner.
D.D. Turner, Scribe/Principal was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn, New York.
D.D. Turner became akin to the cultural explosion of Hip Hop at an early age. Formally introduced to its cultural collage of offerings by his older brother, it was an intimate relationship that he held and continues to hold in a high regard to this day.

Thusly, the idea for the Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend story was spawned from this very regard, as well as, his desire to expose his beloved Hip Hop to the magical landscape of fictional fantasy. The first installment of the Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend story, entitled “Paths of Grand Wizardry,” is sure to vividly detail a magical, action-packed, offering from the perspective of a young, B-Boy.

For additional information on the series and to read an excerpt from the first book in the series, Paths of Grand Wizardry, please visit
Interview Questions 
with D.D. Turner:

What inspired you to start this movement?
What inspired the creation of this literary series was a desire to combine the two mediums of creative expression that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have been a major supporter of the Hip Hop culture for nearly my entire life and books/reading always empowered me with a sense of knowledge and voyage.

Where do you see this project going in the next five years?
It is my hope that the series will then include a collection of more than 5 installments and the appeal of the series will have reached a global scale.

What is your ultimate goal for this project?
In the immortal words of famed rap duo, GangStarr, we are reaching for that “Mass Appeal”. But on a more serious level, it is my hope that this series addresses the national problem of clinical teen illiteracy. It has been proven that teens tend to be more inclined to engage in casual reading as a viable past time when they have something interesting to read; a work of literature that speaks directly to their lifestyles is likely to achieve this.

Why Fantasy Fiction?
Creatively, there are no limitations where a story can go. Nothing is too crazy. And because I wanted The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend to be as unique as possible, I needed not to feel inhibited when writing. Not to mention that no one would ever expect a Hip Hop fantasy-Fiction literary series. This genre was appropriate.

Which authors have inspired you as a reader and now as a book author?
Some of my favorites are Ellison, Poe, Wright… Their ability to use words to leverage visualization in the reader’s mind was and is inspiring. This is truly the reason why I write with such description. I always look for my words to provide the basis upon which the readers’ visualization rests.

How did you pull the people together for this project?
That’s the good thing about writing; it is mostly a self-contained initiative/effort. However, my business partner, Chaz Staton, helps me run the company that publishes The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend. He also heads up all marketing initiatives for the brand/series. This leaves me to concentrate on writing.

Who are your target readers?
The target audience was intended to be teens and young-adults. We have recently noticed that adults who are also subscribers/supporters of the Hip Hop culture have also indulged the read.

What do you want your readership to get out of your project?
Over the years, the Hip Hop tree has proven to have many far-reaching branches. I like to think that we are merely adding another branch, and in the process, building a platform amidst the world of literacy for Hip Hop to exist on. This is in addition to the non-fiction and biographical works of literature that have been previously published for the culture.

How does music play a role in this project?
Rap music plays a big part of my writing process. Great music with poignant lyrics always puts me in a great writing space.

I noticed that artwork plays a role in this project, who works with you in developing the artwork?
Because The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend started out as a comic book before morphing into a multi-installment literary series, we felt rather strongly about some of the comic book images and the ability of the images to serve as captivating marketing/advertising tools. Additionally and most importantly, the images are used to honor the life of the artist, Wong Dowling. Wong served as the Co-Creator of The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend when it was a comic book series but would lose his life to a terminal illness back in 2008. Through these posthumous contributions, we like to think that we are keeping him a part of the team.

How did you go about printing your work?
We’ve gone the self-publishing route. Although this route is far more demanding, it is extremely rewarding. With the introduction of a literary series like this, we are attempting to build a market and prove its viability amidst an industry that seems to think that young adult reading interests are limited to Vampiric love tales and works of fantasy literature that boast the typical thunderbolt throwing, gladiator/warrior. The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend offers a fresh alternative to the present state of young adult literature.

What does your family think about this project?
Absolutely, my family members are my biggest supporters. My wife and I have 4 boys and they all enjoy offering their own input as to how they think various aspects of the series should unfold. I’d also like to add that most of the characters in the story are created from my own family members, friends, and past acquaintances. The main character, Cris Ellison, is named after my 2 eldest sons.

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