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Become a Prepper with the Apocalypse Survival Guide

Apocalypse Survival Guide: Charting New Bible Prophecy
Norm E. Jones

Non-Fiction Spiritual/Religion
ISBN 13: 978-1-936037-76-6

Want to understand more about what the Bible says about the Apocalypse? Want to know how you can be a Spiritual Prepper for End-Times? Then, you really need to listen to this show on Thursday with Norm Jones; a author with the gift of prophesy.

The author has decoded the figurative language and meaning of many “types” in Bible scripture. 
These “type” pictures and their meaning yield new prophetic insight not previously seen but was always there to be discovered.

“Types” allow us to map the Apocalypse! The 11” x 17” Tribulation Chart is that map. It is also available in color on my website: “www.soulsurvival.info”.

“Types” tell the order of the Tribulation events! The Tribulation order of events; the Seals, the Trumpets, and the Bowls of Wrath, are the subject of much speculation on how they are organized. How long is a Seal?

Are the Trumpets in the middle of the seven years? There is a “type” in the Battle of Jericho story which reveals the true order. You may look for yourself in this book.

“Types” tell the identity of End-Time Players! The book of Daniel reveals the end-time players. But to see it
revealed, requires knowing the double fulfillment of a “type” picture. Read this book to find the answers.

“Types” tell the destiny of the United States of America! As one of the end-time players, the destiny of the U.S.A., is revealed in a “type” of one king mentioned in the book of Daniel. There is a full explanation in the book: Apocalypse Survival Guide: Charting New Bible Prophecy.

“Types” tell “When” to expect the End-Time events! You may remember that prophetic scripture tells us that Jesus will return to take His people to Heaven, and thereafter will be a seven-year celebration that Jesus, “the bridegroom,” provides for His people, “the bride.” For many years, scholars and writers have been wondering when this event will take place. There is a “type,” which God has provided, that reveals what year and reasons for that year which tells us when the Marriage of the Lamb will occur.

“Types” tell of the Three Dispensations of Bible History! God has organized biblical history into three dispensations.

The “type” parameters fit all three dispensations. The three dispensations conform to the three possible fundamental ways which God and man can interact. These three dispensations provide overall scope to God’s dealings with mankind. Read this book for a full explanation.

“Types” tell of the Sabbath Day-Millennium Theory! The seven days of creation are a “type” of all seven-thousand years of Bible history. When you read the creation account in Genesis, it relates to the highlights of each of the one-thousand year periods of time of Bible history. For example: On the seventh day of creation, God rested from all His creative efforts. That rest day relates to the Millennium rest of one-thousand years which Jesus will initiate after His Second Coming. This book shows how each day of creation figuratively relates to each one-thousand year period of Bible history “Types” demonstrate the Bible to be the authentic Word of God! The “types” also point to the perfection of God.

How can man, who lives just a few years, orchestrate the histories of several thousand years? The answer is, man cannot.

It is only God, who’s consciousness lasts thousands of years, that is capable of causing a history to be similar to another history hundreds of years apart. This means that such a similarity of histories can only be authored by God; not possible by man. The similar histories demonstrate the authenticity of the Bible to be the Word of God, which He has used, to validate the believe-ability of the overall scriptural message. Therefore, this book is a testimony to the authenticity of Biblical truth.

“Preppers” and non-preppers alike, need a God to save them from the Apocalypse coming soon upon the whole world. I believe people fear the future. In the 1950’s, many were afraid of nuclear war and made bomb shelters.

Today, rumors of wars, a shaky economy, and events like 9/11 cause people to see a need to prepare. They want to save themselves because they have no God upon which they can depend to save them from pain and death.

“Types” Defined. “Types” are stories, single events, people, many things in biblical history which point to more important people or events in later Bible history. For example, it is said that Jesus is the “lamb slain for the sins of the world.” This means that just as Jewish believers in ancient Egypt slew the Passover lamb, and smeared his shed blood on the door posts and lintel of the Jewish house, such that the death angel would pass over that household. So it is, that the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross will save from Hell those that believe and have faith in Him. So the Passover Lamb is a “type” of Jesus Christ. This “type” confirms Jesus Christ as savior of our souls and the Bible as authentic truth.


Norm Jones spent his first 35 years managing his own life. After two failed marriages, he admitted failure, and turned wholeheartedly to God to change his life.  God has answered his prayer and is making him successful by God’s standards.   God has given Norm the spiritual gift of “prophecy.”  Such gifts are never meant to remain unfruitful, but they take many years to cultivate, mature, and harvest.   With Norm, this gift needed to ferment, like fine wine, so he could understand his gifts and be able to complete the message given him by the Holy Spirit over an additional 35 years.

Someone once spoke to Norm of how Moses, the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, spent the first forty years of his life learning he was a “somebody.”   He spent the second forty years as a shepherd, on the backside of a desert, learning he was a “nobody,” and the third forty years learning that God could take a “nobody” and make him a “somebody.”  Norm can imagine how Moses might have felt towards the end of his life.  This job God has set for both men was daunting.  But Norm knows that God and he are a majority.
God has prepared Norm for this journey his whole life. Norm is now ready to help prepare others for the spiritual Apocalypse and how to survive the End Times.

Apocalypse Survival Guide” is the third book Norm has written and published. His other two books, “The United States of America In Biblical Prophecy”, published in 2011, which is about how the USA is mentioned in the Bible. His second book, “Managed Cooperation Theology,” published also in 2011, focuses on the reality of God’s love for man, and God’s desire for man to love Him.

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