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Trusting in the Father's Love with Carrie Robinson

by Carrie B. Robinson

Sharing lessons learned from her own life, Carrie Robinson shares how years of rejection propelled her into a Love and Trust relationship with God.

GENRE: Inspirational
PUBLISHER: Morris Publishing
RELEASE DATE: February 2012

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GUEST POST:  Why Book Covers are So Important

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is why I believe that book covers are so important.  When a reader picks up my book, I want them to take a minute and look at the cover and connect with the Title.  If the cover does not reflect the title or has too many pictures or words, the reader may instantly be turned off from purchasing and reading it.

As a consumer, when I am in a book store and I see an interesting book with beautiful colors on the cover, I am drawn to it.  Even if it is not particularly the book that I am searching for, I want to see it, look over it, open it and see what it is about.

Book covers can describe the author before any words are read.  Being a first time published author, I wanted my book cover to represent Love and what better way to do that than roses. 
I have received good feedback about my book cover.  Readers like the simple elegance of the roses on the cover.  One interviewer explained that she saw a rose that was developing as it opened and that the scroll resembled an old paper scroll to her.  She described what she saw in a way that I had not thought of.  That is why book covers are so important.


Southern charm, love, and hospitality are words used to describe Carrie.  With over twenty years in ministry, she is passionate in developing relationships and teaching others how they can enjoy strong, healthy and lasting relationships by walking in the God kind of love.

A relationship mentor, Carrie inspires women to joyfully participate in living life to the fullest. Through writing and speaking, she encourages women and supports leaders by helping create a culture of joy to face storms with strength.  Carrie knows how to encourage women to pursue their passion, while trusting in God for the outcome.  She is skilled in handling difficult people in love, and motivates others to do the same.

Carrie has been married to her husband, Michael for twenty years.  They have two sons, Christopher and Coleman and a grandson, Chris Jr.   She and Michael serve as Elders to Pastors Anthony and Margo Wallace of Crossroad Christian Church.   They also head up the Marriage Ministry.

Carrie has a Masters in Nursing and is employed as a Nursing Instructor.   She and Michael are Certified Prepare/Enrich Counselors.

Carrie currently resides in Delaware and loves spending time vacationing, with her family, in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia.  It is here she spends time writing. She also enjoys reading, traveling, and cruising on her Kawasaki Vulcan 750! 

Carrie is currently working on her next book, a devotional, due 2013. Let Carrie show you how with God's power, you can overcome personal challenge and develop strong, healthy, and lasting relationships through walking in love.

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I was the product of a twenty-nine- year old young woman, already a single mother of three children and a twenty-nine year old young man who had no children but was married and separated from his wife.  They had no plans to wed and so there my mother was living with my grandmother, her mother. My mother was told by her mother that she could not bring any more children into her home.  I would find all this out much later in adulthood.  The decision was made to give me up for adoption. The rejection starts. 

I was given to my father’s mother who was married, in her forties, and could no longer have children.  My birth mother had considered letting a neighbor in my grandmother’s community adopt me, but my father intervened.  My paternal grandmother and her husband took me home from the hospital on May 28, 1966, two days after my birth.  They raised me as their only child the best they could

During my early childhood years, life was very simple.  Although we did not have much money, I never felt like we were poor.  I never went without food, clothing, or shelter.  In fact, I was raised in the same home all my life until I married.  My mama worked as a maid and housekeeper during the day and my Papa worked at the local aluminum plant. 

During the years my Papa was with us, I felt completely secure and totally adored and loved.  I remember how he would bring me “nabs”, short for Nabisco crackers, home every day from work.  He would work very hard during the week and drink even harder on the weekends, but it did not bother me because he was completely in love with me and me with him.  I remember so many times sitting on his lap and talking about one thing or another, just sharing our day.  How I miss that man and wish that he could have seen me as an adult with his grandchildren.  My sons would absolutely adore him and he them.  He would have been a wonderful grandpa. 

My Papa got very sick when I was about nine years old and went into the Biloxi Veterans Hospital because he was a veteran who served in the naval service.  I remember going to visit him often, and he would play with me and talk to me.   My Papa went home to be with the Lord when I was 10 years old and it was just me and mama.  I had no idea how my life was about to change. 

When my Papa went home to be with the Lord, even though I had an enormously large family on both sides; my Mama, the eldest of seventeen children and a twin, had eight children, my father being the third child.  I have many cousins, aunts, and uncles on this side of my family tree.  Papa came from a small family.  He was an only child, and he had one son from a previous marriage.  My mother was one of four children, and she had four children of her own and I have many cousins, aunts and uncles on her side of my family tree, some that I do not know to this very day.  With all of this family, I still felt all alone. 


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