Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview on It Matters Radio on Connotations Newspaper


PJ Hultstrand will be interviewed on It Matters Radio about her first year as Managing Editor of ConNotations Newspaper. This 22-yr old speculative fiction and convention newspaper out of Arizona, has approximately 7,000 readers in the US and even some aboard, as the paper has reached convention attendees in other countries world-wide.

Fantasty, Science Fiction, Horror all in one exciting magazine! Tonight we will take a look at Speculative Fiction, what it is, what makes it different from other genre's and how it is growing in popularity. We are so pleased to have as our guest, Ms. Patti Hultstrand (PJ Hultstrand), a dedicated author, reader and Managing Editor of ConNotations NewsZine.

Patti has been writing since the 7th grade when her English teacher took an active interest in her poetry and short story writing. Her first love became science-fiction when she was introduced to the works of Ray Bradbury. Fandom bit her when she actually met the man behind the works in 1987 at a special engagement speech in Phoenix, Arizona.

Patti has been involved in the printing/publishing industry for nearly 18 years, including having published her own magazine on Arizona Graphics & Marketing. In 2008 she launched Az Publishing Services and has since published over 50 books. Her own writing has not languished, and her third book in the Chasing Time series was launched in 2011.

Patti accepted the appointment to ConNotations in September of 2011, and has not looked back since. Click to view web-site - ConNotations

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