Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ConNotations Announcement

From the Managing Editor of ConNotations:
by Patti Hultstrand

We have some new content and new structure to find this new content here at the ConNotations website. http://www.casfs.org/ConNotations/index.php

We would love your feedback on our work here. There is a form to use for this communication; to be found under LETTERS TO EDITOR in the navigation tree to the left. We may include your letter to the editor in the printed paper or online here. http://www.casfs.org/ConNotations/Letter2Editor.php

We are including not only the PDF of each issue, and the YuDu Epub version (found at http://www.casfs.org/ConNotations/index.php), but we are also giving a few more main stories in the ONLINE version, under that issue. We figure the more version there are, the more chances that you will all read it and then send it forward to someone who isn't already reading the paper. As always, we thank you for your support.


There have been some who feel we have gone too far off the reservation when it comes to the interests of the collective. There have been arguments on the meaning of speculative fiction. But, I know for a fact that no matter what I believe or whatever I do in regards to the paper, there will be some will never agree with the direction.

I also know for a fact that since I have been a ConNotation's reader for the last 21-years, that I am the newspaper's target market. ConNotation's readers are a widely read lot, in that we love a wide variety of works and subject matters. Even the term, "speculative fiction" has a broad meaning; after all the word "speculative" includes the term "to speculate", which means to form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. If this is a widespread meaning, then the works of Ray Bradbury and Robert Heinlein would not be included as proper content of our ConNotations newspaper.

I, for one, could not imagine my world without the works of these great authors, and those of so many more that fall into that crack of the term, "speculative fiction", and I for one am GLAD they are included. After all, without speculating the past, or our future, or even those could have beens and, my favorite "what ifs", is what really ROCKS MY WORLD. How about you?

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