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2012 is Great Year for Achieving your Dreams with Dr. Donna Lee

The Spirituality Trap
by Dr. Donna Lee

Genre- spirituality/self help

Publisher- Book Baby

Release Date Feb 18, 2012

The search for happiness and peace leads us down many paths. Often the path of spirituality is taken in order to seek healing and the ability to find relief from our problems. The key is to remain true to ourselves and to never lose compassion for our self and others. Happiness is not achieved by denial of emotional pain but through finding balance with the good and the bad that comes with our life's journey.  

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Making your dreams come true in 2012

In the spiritual community, we consider the year 2012 to be a great year for people to achieve their dreams. Yes, there is the fear of the Mayan Calendar ending for many people. It is quite common for people to fear the world ending. I choose to focus on the magic of 2012. I actually felt the change intuitively. I knew that I would finish my book. Also, I knew that many of my clients would achieve an important goal also. 2012 is an amazing year energetically.

Everyone has a dream that deserves to be fulfilled. Why not now? Why not this year? The problem is that so many people have a dream but they have not set a goal to make their dreams come true. There are many stages to making a dream come into reality. There are three main parts to achieving a dream.

The first goal is to really visualize and fantasize about your dream every day. This is necessary because we have to do role playing in our head first. We have to see our self living out the goal over and over so that our mind starts to associate a vision and a feeling with our goal. The more we see our self living out our goal, the more the desire is to achieve it.

The next step is to write down at least five steps to achieving our goal. Having a plan in writing is how we speak to the universe and stay consistent about what we want to achieve. The universe can only give us what we want if we choose to ask for it in detail. Know exactly what you want but choose to be open to how it shows up in your life. Sometimes, what we want will show up a little different from how we visualized it. The five steps will show you how to recognize that your dream is about to come to fruition. It is your sign that it is your time for your dreams to come true.

Intention is the next step to achieving your goal.  Intention is action. Once you have visualized and have written your five steps, it is now time to put your steps into action. In order to achieve a goal, there must be continuous action. It is a daily job to work toward a desired dream. There will be days of wanting to give up due to rejection but keep telling everyone that can possible help you to achieve your dreams about your dream. Never stop. The most successful people have been rejected many times. Someone will say yes to you eventually.


Dr. Donna Lee:
Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a doctor. The reason why is because I thought that that was the only way that I could take care of people. At first, I pursued pre med which led me to to want to become more holistic. I decided to become a Chiropractor. While in Chiropractic school, I learned the most about myself. I was exposed to many people. My fellow students were from all around the world. I was no longer in my little bubble. I realized that every belief that I had about myself was not unique to me. My greatest life lesson is that everyone has a journey of self acceptance. Race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc had no effect. We were all the same. Humans trying to get through life and search for happiness and peace.

While in Chiropractic School, my peers who were all so amazing with their various knowledge on different techniques and their openness to differences. They encouraged me to explore my intuitive self. I was uncomfortable but I did it and I knew it was who I really was. I knew from that point that I would finish Chiropractic school but I would take on a different career. Chiropractic opened up my world and changed my life.

After school, I decided to work as an intuitive. I was then led to spiritual coaching. I decided to get a doctorate in metaphysical sciences. I enjoy having a career of intuitive spiritual life coaching. I have clients all over the world that I coach on the phone. As I helped my clients, I was being healed. I learned so much about the human journey. I learned how to bring a new approach to helping people to learn compassion for themselves and others which will lead to healing and forgiveness.

My life has not been easy. I grew up very poor. I was a teen mom at age 13. I had my precious son for 23 years. I lost him when he was age 23. He had a brain tumor. He was the greatest gift in my life and the source of inspiration for me. By age 12, both of my parents had passed. I was in foster care. I had a brother murdered. I have siblings that I love but two that do not interact with the family. I was bit by a dog on my face and had to learn to speak again. I have experienced sexual and verbal abuse.

I am like everyone else. I am not a fluffy life coach without the true life experience. I had to learn to not feel cursed and to find a way to forgiveness for situations that I thought to be hurtful so that I can live a life without anger, hurt, bitterness or self destruction. I want to give people the same gift that I have due to coaching others. Compassion for myself and others.

I used techniques B.E.S.T. and PSYCH K to help myself remove limiting beliefs so that I could create a new perception of life. I spent so many years not understanding my personal power and how my beliefs and actions affected my quality of life. As I desired to change my perception of my life experience, I attracted techniques that would assist me in healing myself. As I healed myself, I attracted clients who wanted the to heal themselves and were also open to understanding their personal power. I constantly experienced more and more awareness.
Book Excerpts :

EXCEPT#1One of the main reasons people seek out spirituality is to make peace with the frustrations that they have been living with. Daily life is overwhelming for many people because there is this expectation that there should be something more to life. All of their expectations of themselves and others have left them frustrated to the point that they are ready to detach in order to find relief. They do not want to feel their feelings so a spiritual alternative of letting go with love is very appealing. What is missing is their understanding that they need to change their perception and be able to see that frustration is about lack of understanding and wanting to control without changing one’s self. We want to change everyone but ourselves because we do not want to be wrong. We make the person who is making us feel wrong feel that they are the one who needs to change.

Compassion for ourselves is about allowing ourselves to feel our emotional pain then validate it so that we can make peace with past issues that have caused us pain. The sad part is that many people try to push down their emotions so that they won’t appear weak. A lot of people try to put issues that hurt them somewhere in the back of their head so that they won’t have to feel those emotions. It does not work. It actually results in more anger and a lack of compassion for our self when we do not acknowledge that we have emotional issues that have affected our happiness.


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