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Immortals come in more than just vampires; this be elves

Title – Immortal Becoming
by Wendy S. Hales

Genre – Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Shane Einar is a five hundred year old Volaticus Elven warrior, sworn to duty and honor. His species has inhabited the earth since the beginning of time. The sources of vampire, elf and fairy myths, Volaticus are in reality something altogether different. He never expected to meet Jess Reed. A female living amongst humanity completely unaware that she is Hulven, a human/Elven hybrid race of Volaticus, or that she is on the cusp of Becoming into her Elven traits. Shane should turn Jess over to the Symbiosis of Species Council, SOSC. His attraction to her along with her ability to enrapture him with a smile bars him from it. He rightly suspects that this female is his bloodmate.

Jess had always been psychic, a painful and confusing fact of her life. With Shane’s loving support she learns to control her abilities and discovers the psychically enlightened species that share this world.

Together they sacrifice the power of their bloodmating in the battle to save females from breeding cages under the control of an Elven rogue.


A twisted view—what it is vs what it could be!
Sometimes I find myself with blinders on … what you see is what you get. Being a writer I work hard to keep out of that rut and see thing from a completely different perspective. It’s impossible to build the kind of world I did with Immortal Becoming if your perspective is planted firmly in reality.
 This is a true story.
What it is--
I look out the window of my work and see a man on a ten speed with a rope tied from the seat stand bar to a shopping cart. He towed it behind him completely oblivious to the heads in the vehicles that passed him craning to get a second peek. Okay... weird, back to work right?
What it could be--
In my minds eye I picture the guy before he hopped on his bicycle. Talking to his likewise toothless brother, (No I have no idea if the guy really had teeth... doesn't matter in my imagination he's missing a few).
“Hey Beufford, run out an' get us somethin' ta move our crap over ta the trailer that has the wheels already off. Thata way we donna have ta take 'em offa this one.”
Bike rider AKA Beufford scratches his butt thinking, “Ya got any rope Bubba?”
end of visual...
Let's take that a step farther--
Now I picture the poor shopping cart screaming “OH GOD, I THINK I'M STOLEN!” as it frantically spins it's back wheel hoping to get someone to rescue it. While silently mourning the loss of his shiny wired girlfriend left behind.
Nuts??? Probably, but it makes the day more fun and interesting.
Have you ever seen something that made you go … hmmmm?

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During my hectic life of working and raising children the call of a story in my mind was not always welcome. The niggling character or plot that refused to leave my thoughts until I would sit down a write something … a synopsis, character profile, anything to relieve the creative pressure. With my children grown, and my husbands loving support I dove head first into the depths of my passion and lifelong dream … writing. It was like a floodgate opened in my soul.

I look out at the Rocky Mountain from my window in Utah. I have been blessed with an amazing family and wonderful friends. My husband and I own a small local coffee shop. I enjoy boating golfing, reading and spending time with my family.

Format – Ebook
Paperback Release – March 1, 2012

Purchase Links-

Website – www.wendyshales.com
Email – wendys.hales@yahoo.com


Giving her an encouraging smile, he continued. “You are a hybrid between Elven and human. Have you ever heard of a liger—half tiger, half lion?” She nodded hesitantly. “One of your parents was full Elven, and the other would have to be either a Hulven, like you,” adding emphasis so she could get used to the term, “or one of the rare human females who has the genetics to be able to breed with an Elven male. We call them Heredity.”
“Holy shit, I really am a freak of nature.” Tears sprung into her eyes.
“You are prefect, damn it. You ever say anything like that again and I will put you over my knee and spank your sweet little ass till you like it. You understand me?” Shane’s dentes had erupted. How could she even think such a thing? She was the greatest gift ever created.
Jess swallowed audibly, lifting her chin and squaring her shoulders. He sat in awe, watching her fortify herself. Freak of nature she’d called herself. Never. She was a force of nature.
“That Hulven thing is not possible. I knew both of my parents. My mother was like me. She and I could telepathically communicate for as long as I can remember. My father, no way.” She was shaking her head, trying to dismiss the idea.
Shane glanced at her hands, which were wringing in her lap, the only outward sign of her agitation. He’d known this argument would come up. “I have been thinking on that. I don’t think the man you know is your biological father.” Using the vulnerability of her shield, he tried to hedge the probability into her mind.
“Stop that!” she snapped, responding to his mental prod and not liking it. Her shield solidified, shutting him out. “God, just give me a minute.” She stood and marched to the stone entry. “Open it,” she demanded.
He emphasized the pulse of kinetic energy, letting her feel the sensation of the surge. The stone slid forward and to the side slightly.

She reached up and lightly touched his dentes. There was no way she could have known they were an erogenous zone to the Elven. He gave an involuntary, swift intake of breath as her gentle touch generated a tremor that raced through his body.
“Do they hurt?” She withdrew her hand, concern in her voice. Unable to speak, Shane could only give her a slight shake of his head in response. Again she bit her bottom lip, a habit of hers he found endearing. He would give anything to bite her lip for her, if she’d let him. She reached out her hand to his dentes a second time, and he could feel them stretch for her in return. Shane pulled his mouth back from her, running his tongue over the surface of them.
Careful.” He cautioned her telepathically. She swallowed hard but nodded. He leaned his head down slightly and opened his jaw wide to give her access.
She lightly touched the points. “They feel the same as regular teeth to my fingers.” Her expression was full of wonder. Whatever fear he’d seen from her earlier was gone. “They move! I saw a program one time that showed how a snake could pull its prey into it’s body by the fangs. They kind of move like that.”
The dentes muscles are very developed. They control the ability to erupt and retract. We can also lock our jaws.” Like the rest of his body, he could feel the sanguindente muscles trembling with the strain of control he was exercising. When her eyes met his, she must have realized that her effect on him was both agony and ecstasy. She must have felt empowered to know that he was not unaffected by her after all.
Jess leaned until her lips were centimeters from Shane’s. “Can I touch them with my tongue?” The warmth of her breath mingled with his.
He hesitated, his heart already pounding adrenaline into him, stuttered, his mouth watering. His Adam’s apple bounced up and down the way the rest of him wanted to at her proposal. She didn’t wait for his answer. The tip of her tiny pink tongue slipped out to gingerly touch the surface of his dente. Shane groaned loudly, his eyes falling closed, enduring a few of her tentative licks before she withdrew her tongue from him and smiled.
“They aren’t hard like teeth … or soft, either. More like cartilage. Really sharp cartilage.” Shane was still swimming in a sea of oral sensation. “What are they called?”
Sanguindentes. It means ‘blood teeth.’ Or simply dentes.” He could hear the strain in his voice, even telepathically. The female was pushing his limits of control. “We require very little human blood to survive. When we are active, a pint will last us several days. We may require more if we are injured or use excessive amounts of energy. Even then, we never require enough to drain a human. Most now days obtain our sustenance from bagged blood, donated by humans. We use what is considered tainted, or drink what remains after the platelets humans need are removed.”

Jess jogged out to the parking lot, not surprised to see him leaning against her Jeep. He was taller than she had realized at about six foot three, with long, lean, well-defined muscles beneath his jeans and T-shirt. In the waning sunlight, his hair appeared darker, with auburn highlights. What captured her attention was the deep forest-green of his eyes, the color darkening the closer she came. A kaleidoscope of brown specks clustered in the center.
She studied him. He gave her a cocky grin. She was pretty sure he was reading every thought in her head, and yes, she thought he was even sexier up close, the bastard. It didn’t change the fact that he knew her name, what she drove, probably her weight and favorite color, all without her telling him, and she still didn’t even know his name.
“You can stop shielding me or whatever you are doing now,” she grumbled, knowing she should feel grateful for his help. Instead she felt uncomfortable with him having so much knowledge about her. She hated that he was aware of her weakness when it came to psychic overload.
“I haven’t been shielding you for awhile now.” He shrugged, following her around to the driver’s side of her car, holding out his had for her keys. She blinked up at him.
“You are not driving my Jeep! Where do you think you are going with me anyway?” She tossed her bag into the back seat “What do you mean you aren’t shielding me? I would be in agony if you weren’t.” Turning to face him, she shot one question after another at him. A dam of curiosity burst through her. Pointing her finger at his chest, she interrogated him. “What did you do to make it better? Can you teach me how? Why did you call Jerika your protégé?” Hands on her hips, she had backed him several steps away from the door of the Jeep. “What is a protégé? Why are you watching her? How come the officers let you be there at all?” She hoped that last bit didn’t sound quite so jealous and petty to him as it did to her. Jerika was none of her business.
“Whoa, damn female. The deal was I shield your psyche, and you answer a few questions. What the hell?” Holding up both hands defensively, he was laughing at her again, a deep, sexy sound. Her first reaction was to purr and rub up against him like a cat. She felt the blush rising up her neck to redden her face.
“Sorry. Sorry, I know … I just, wow. Today was such a great day. I don’t hurt, at all. I can’t remember not being in some sort of psychic pain. At least … not since my mom. I guess I’m just excited.” She chewed her bottom lip, thinking. Was excited too forward a term? ”Could you at least tell me your name?”
“If I can drive?” He was grinning at her again.
She was so sick of being his private little joke, his arrogant attitude instantly spiraled her to pissed-off. Grateful to feel something empowering rather than the awkwardness he seemed to bring out of her, she pounced. “You seriously expect me to hand over my keys and get into the car with you? Without even knowing your name? Really?”
His grin only widened. “You, Beauty, can definitely take care of yourself. Don’t even pretend to be afraid of me. I’ve watched you kick ass all day.” There was admiration underlying the amusement in his gaze.
“Not being afraid of you does not mean being stupid. If you don’t want to tell me your name, then we can stand right here … safely and in front of a police academy. While you ask me whatever it is you seem to think you want to know.” Still irritated at him, she retraced the few steps back to the side of the Jeep. “Of course, if you really aren’t shielding me, then maybe the deal is off anyway.” Spinning her keys to make loud snapping sounds into her palm, she pretended to consider whether she should leave.
“I really was beginning to like being called Bleacher Boy.” He sighed. “My name is Shanley Einar. You and I both know that we are not going to be able to speak freely here.” He held his hand out for her keys again. “You already knew my name the same way I knew yours. Call me Shane.”
She realized she did. When he said his name, she realized she already knew it. She had known it from the minute he spoke to her. The keys slipped from her hand into his, and she pivoting to walk back around the Jeep, taking a seat on the passenger side. Shane stood at the driver’s open door, holding her hard-won keys. He stared at her a few moments, then climbed into the driver’s seat, adjusting it to fit his long legs.
“Where to?” he asked, starting the motor.


Patti Hultstrand said...

Immortals come in many varieties and Wendy S. Hales explores vampires and so much more, in Immortal Becoming.

Nightly Cafe said...

This book has been getting great reviews along her tour! Thank you for hosting Wendy today :).


Wendy S. Hales said...

Thank you so much for hosting me. It was a fun guest post to write and this is a great site to platform it!

L.L. Muir said...

If you think I'm going to admit to having such thoughts on a daily basis, you're wrong.

I'd never admit it.

Wendy S. Hales said...

Denial??? What greater affirmation is there? HMMM.
Thanks for your comment!

Patti Hultstrand said...

I will be interviewing LIVE with Wendy tomorrow, Wednesday, the 28th at 5:30 Arizona time, which is 8:30 ET; 7:30 CT; and 5:30 PT. Show info can be found at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kwodradio/2012/03/29/immortal-becoming-is-altogether-a-different-immortal-story

Sandy L. Rowland said...

I love how you think!
Always stretching those limits.
And is the Bubba part a true story, or was it just the bum scratching?

Big smiles,