Monday, March 12, 2012

John Carter Movie Review by PJ Hultstrand


Wish I had more room to say more about this movie because I think it deserves more, but we are packed in this issue, so I will make it short and sweet; just like this movie was for me.

I went in not expecting too much because the title is so bland and while I could tell from the previews, the movie would be heavy in special effects, so I had expected a bland story to go with the title. I mean really, “John Carter” is about an ordinary name as “John Doe”. Now, I have to tell you, for about the first 15-20 minutes I thought the movie was living up to its bland name. It was somewhat confusing and I had wondered where the story was going since it appeared to be disjointed. When did the movie change my mind? Probably about the time John Carter meets Princess Dejah Thoris. John takes her sword from her scabbard and then proceeds to tell her to get behind him for her protection. She was left with her mouth open and looking down where her sword had been but moments before she met this man. I totally laughed out loud.

Then I totally fell in love with the Princess’s ‘kick-butt’ attitude and the fact that she never needed any man to protect her, she was a deadly weapon all on her own! For those who know me and my love of strong women protrayed in books and movies, you know why I just loved this.

Along with the killer CGI and even though I usually don’t really like 3D movies because it bothers my eyes, I wasn’t given an option for this preview. I have to admit, now that I have seen this movie in 3D, I may want to go back and see Avatar in 3D.

Speaking of Avatar, the creatures on Mars reminded me a lot of those characters in James Cameron’s movie. It also reminded me of the movie, Somewhere in Time, but I loved this ending much bette; John doesn’t have to die to be reunited with his love.

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