Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Secret about Cooking with Dorene and Armin

Armin Feldman and Dorene Sager

Book:  Our Mother's Recipe's
Genre: Jewish Cookbook

Add a wonderful cuisine to your everyday meals and special gatherings. Traditional Jewish cooking is flavorful, fun and hearty particularly with Our Mother's Recipes, Carrying on a Jewish Tradition. These recipes have been handed down through many generations influenced by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, German and Eastern European styles of cooking. In our family all of these cultural influences were combined, synthesized and affected by local ingredients through the years resulting in sumptuous, rich and wonderfully fulfilling traditional Jewish dishes. Try our mother's farfel instead of noodles. Replace that tired chocolate cake with some really yummy Helen Feldman brownies or warm fruit compote. You will have the secret to Jewish penicillin, chicken soup with matzo balls. There's enough here to keep you going for years of great food, family, friends and memories to enjoy.

Everyone needs to eat, right?  So what makes gathering around the table such an enjoyable event?  Sure you need really great food.  The important thing is that we feel we know the secret about cooking that everyone should experience.  In fact, when we were growing up we took it for granted that meals meant fun.  There is absolutely nothing better than gathering with family (you remember Uncle Harry don’t you?), dear friends and new acquaintances to break bread, tell stories large and small, true and supposedly true (you don’t really think Aunt Millie was a Siegfried girl?), heart warming and occasionally chilling (we don’t mean ice cream) and most important filled with non-stop conversation that makes us laugh.  The secret stretches across all ethnic groups and cooking styles.  Ok, the secret is the wonderful ability to bond and love the people you care about most.  It’s easy to do around the dinner table.   How do you bridge the gap between acquaintance and good friends?  Feed them something scrumptious and get down to some serious silliness!  (I refuse to tell the next door neighbor story one more time).

Adding Happiness…

At festive gatherings all five senses get blasted with emotional memories and that’s what makes them easy & enjoyable to remember.  You want to add some happiness in your life, easy!  Serve hearty beef brisket that melts in your mouth and an entertaining story about that last trip to Yellowstone when the bears joined our picnic and we scrambled inside the car while our father was outside banging pans together ( true story).  We’ve laughed about that adventure for years.  It never gets old.

My dad was friends with another dentist, Norbie.  This guy told the worst jokes in the history of mankind.  Out of the myriad of jokes I heard I only remember one and Norbie told the joke while at a Friday night Sabbath dinner in our home.  Here goes.  A bear walks into a bar and orders a beer.  The bartender doesn’t know what to do and asks the manager.  The manager says bears are dumb animals, just charge him $10.  After the beer and tab in an attempt to make conversation the bartender says, you know we don’t get many bears in here.  The bear answers, at $10 a beer what do you expect?  It is now 40 years later, Norbie is long gone and I still remember him clearly because of that dinner table joke.

Food Builds Great Relationships…

What’s more precious than wonderful relationships?  We would say just about nothing.  If you’re married, starting with your spouse and children then down the list to family and friends are what almost all people cherish the most.  It’s better than money, possessions or anything else we go after (maybe the only thing above relationships is the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series).

Not a day goes by that we are reminded and grateful for the people in our lives.  We really do consciously think about it everyday and realize how grateful and lucky we are.  Sure you could make a windfall in the market, but what are you going to remember when the end is near?  The relationships you’ve had.  For us and we think most people anywhere in the world those relationships get solidified around a great meal at your favorite table.

Dorene Sager and Armin Feldman are sister and brother.  the idea for the cookbook sprang from the discovery of a treasure trove of their mother’s recipes after she passed away. Now Our Mother’s Recipes, Carrying On a Jewish Tradition is a Web site, a cookbook, a TV show and a place to learn about what the best Jewish cuisine has to offer.
 Dorene Sager: Dorene represents the best of so many different things. Dorene is a cookbook author, a wife and mother, a commercial real estate broker, a devoted family member, a true friend and so much more.  Dorene is a fantastic cook in her own right. She learned a lot about cooking from her mother, Helen Feldman.  Dorene is married and has three children and 6 grandchildren.  Dorene and her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Dorene enjoys reading, movies, playing canasta, and of course cooking.
 Dorene says,
 I had so much fun working with my brother putting together all of the different ways to showcase our mother’s recipes.

Armin Feldman: Armin wears a number of hats too. Armin is a cookbook author, husband, dog lover, supporter of friends and family, medical doctor and a lot more. Armin is also a wonderful cook.  From the time they could reach the kitchen counter, their mother taught Dorene and Armin how to make traditional Jewish recipes. If you watch the videos on their website, , you can feel the joy these siblings radiate while cooking their mother's recipes.  You can also sign up for the recipe of the week sent right to your email address.
Armin says, What a treat to work with the best sister ever in creating all of these venues to showcase our mother’s remarkable culinary skills.


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We welcome Armin and Dorene today as our special author guests. Please let them know you enjoyed reading their post.

Patti Hultstrand

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This seems like such a feel-good cookbook. It has personality and has a special something that intrigues me.

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What a wonderful cookbook and feature. Many thanks for this post.

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I love the idea of a brother and sister authored cookbook. What a creative take which adds character to the recipes!