Thursday, September 15, 2011

Author Spotlight: J.T. Barber

“In life, there are no real excuses.  The only limitations are the snares that one sets for themselves.  If you have a goal, go after it with ALL tenacity.  Claim it as if it is already in your possession.  If you are not happy with the return of your harvest……CHANGE YOUR SEED!”  ~J.T. Barber

Reflections of a Whisper - a novel by J.T. Barber

Have you ever wondered why a certain thing was happening to you?  Have you ever asked yourself, ‘How did I get here?’ 
Several characters in this book asked themselves these same questions.  One woman in particular, Minnie, is faced with the awesome responsibility of making decisions that will affect her entire family.  But what she has yet to realize, is that her entire family had made decisions, long before she was ever born, that would put her directly in this position.
Reflections of a Whisper is a thrilling journey that will lure you into a tale of secrets, love, and loyalty.  This first installment will guide you through a woman’s present, shielded from her past, as she carves out her future.

Author Bio:
Motivated by the words of the late James Brown, J.T. Barber conceived the question: Is it possible to make literature as universal as music?  A good song with great lyrics can pierce the hearts of many regardless of race, ethnicity or corresponding stereotypes.  With a burning desire to find an answer to her question, J.T. decided to test her own skills as a writer.  After several long years, J.T. discovered that she had birthed a hefty manuscript.  This manuscript would be later developed as a book series, which she is now ready to introduce to the world.  The first installment of the series, Reflections of a Whisper, is due to be released September 24, 2011.  It is J.T.’s optimism that readers of all ethnicities will be touched in some way by this story and it’s ensemble of characters, hoping to help us all redefine the colors of black and white.
J.T. Barber is a writer and firm believer in innovation.  She looks beyond invisible walls to search for answers to questions that no man or woman has been able to offer up.  She also invites readers to think outside the box, take a ride on a fantastic voyage as well as dive deep into the core of what it is to be human.  J.T. exposes daily living through riveting storytelling and has a passion to captivate an audience through sultry yet simple down to earth script!  She is compelled to share and impact the lives of all she comes in contact.  A public speaker by nature, J.T. moves crowds and has mass appeal as the “Author with a Vision”. 
J.T. Barber is a native of Philadelphia, Pa.  She started her writing journey in the eighth grade, with poetry.  J.T. went on to study Interpersonal Communication at the University of Delaware.  And after years of personal study and travelling the country, she has since returned to school to major in Business.  J.T. has found solace in cities like Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV and Seattle, WA.   But she thought it to be important to return home to Philadelphia to embark on the next great journey in her life, becoming an author.


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