Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Touch of Grace Authors Charles Burgess Jermond Walker 08/16 by A Touch of Grace | Blog Talk Radio

A Touch of Grace Authors Charles Burgess Jermond Walker 08/16 by A Touch of Grace | Blog Talk Radio

Charles Burgess, born August 15, 1970 in Providence, Rhode Island, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a child and attended high school at Pulaski, North Division, and Washington. Upon finishing high school, Charles decided to take a Bank Specialist job at State Farm Insurance Company. While working there, Charles completed his first book titled, “Homies”.
Since then, Charles has taken the literary craftsmanship more seriously and began writing novels fulltime. “Don’t Say You Do If You Don’t”,  “Bee-Wildered”, "The Ghetto Sopranos: Rise of the Family", "Midnight Love" are the recent titles completed by Charles Burgess.
Now 40 years of age, Charles is currently single and has chosen to dedicate his time to completing a seven book series titled “The Ghetto Sopranos”, while also working on more titles for in-between releases. Cricket & Honey, Instant Message Me, Trigger Words, Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, are just a few that Charles has in the pipeline.

Introducing, Jermond Walker:
Jerrmond "JDub" Walker was introduced to poetry as a means of personal therapy. A friend brought him to a local poetry set and his love for the art flourished almost immediately.  Known to Milwaukee's poetry scene as "JDub", listeners of his work understood that when he hit the stage -the truth would flow. Bold, strong and sometimes even crass to the sensitive ear, JDub's stories of tainted love, social and community dissatisfaction, and an occasional sexual exploitation won him the favor and respect of a thriving poetry community...

This book, Touched by Two Souls - Sleeveless Emotions, is an poetry rendezvous with the urban life as the back drop.

Get this book now for $11.95 on the publisher's page or in eBook on Charles Burgess' special birthday page. http://www.azpublishingservices.com/specials.html

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