Sunday, August 28, 2011

Romancing your darkside tour #2 - BK Walker

So You Think You Want to be a Writer?
by BK Walker

I used to ask myself this over and over again. I've always had stories floating around in my head, and as I kid I used to tell stories all the time. Let me tell you, I had some pretty good ones too lol. Did I ever consider myself a writer back then? Heck no! It never even crossed my mind that other people may some day be reading my stories.

So what changed? The day the voices in my head became so profound I had no other choice but to listen. Once I opened that flood gate, it's never stopped. I can remember sitting in my nursing lecture, half listening to the instructor and half in a daydream. (I never was any good at paying attention). All of a sudden, this voice just started talking, almost yelling in my head and it drowned out everything around me. When I realized that lecture was over, I shook it off and headed home. That night, I was laying in bed and the voice came back. I almost thought I was going crazy, becoming a schizophrenic, you know being in nursing school and learning all these new terms you tend to diagnose everything, and it wouldn't shut up! I tossed and turned all night with scenes flashing before me.

The next day, I drug myself out of bed and back to school. Again I heard this voice. I left school early that day and went home and started writing down the scenes and what the voice was telling me. Before I knew it, I had pages upon pages full of the story. As I looked at the words written before me, I thought, "this would make a great book". I let it ferment for a few days, the voice quieter now but still present. Then I asked myself, you think you want to be a writer? Of course I laughed at this notion, that evil little green guy on my shoulder telling me "Yeah Right! You! A Writer? Hahahaha!"

As the days went on, so did this voice in my head. Almost begging me to put it in a manuscript. So I thought, why not? I sat down at my computer and just started typing. Before I knew it, I had six chapters completely typed out and the story was pretty good. I re-read it several times, then decided to print it out and take it to a friend. She read it and was like, "OMG. You should get this published!" It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to be a writer. To tell this story and maybe it would help someone, someday. So I finished the book and sent it out. Near Suicide was born, and later changed to Death Upon Me.

If you are asking yourself this very question, "So you think you want to be a writer?", you probably already have the answer. YES! If you are hearing voices (as me and my good friend Yvonne Mason like to say), or are dreaming such vivid dreams and have a story already in your head, just go for it! You can do it! You ARE a writer my friend, you just need to put the words out there for others to enjoy!

BK Bio:
BK Walker currently lives in Central Pennsylvania with her three children, Brittney, Hunter and Danny, her dogs Rancid, Sadie and Haven, a cat named Whiskers and a goldfish named Fat Albert. She has always had a love for reading and writing, even as a child she created stories reading them to her stuffed animals. With a love for vampires and werewolves, you will not be disappointed with her writing as she mixes up the paranormal juice. Aside from writing, BK also supports Indie Authors organizing virtual book tours, helping them to market and promote their work. Her book review site, BWB Reviews, is just another small way she contributes to the reading world. With many stories floating around in her head, she writes when she gets the time between working as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse, being a single mother, and continuing her college education in Graphic Art Design. When BK's not fighting with her muse, Mouthy Mary, who has much to say way too often, you will find her at a baseball game with her children, or relaxing with a good book in her hand.
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Night Secrets Blurb:
Keara Crosby had the perfect life. Her family was not hurting for anything. When her parents are suddenly killed, Keara must learn to live without them. After mourning their death for two months, Keara starts to live again. She follows her favorite band, hangs with her best friend Jared, and falls for the new kid on the block.
When her favorite band is playing at Night Secrets, a new club downtown, she takes her first outing since her parents death and finds this mysterious boy watching her. Mesmerized by his lapus blue eyes, she can't help but feel drawn to him. Her body responds to him in ways she never thought possible, and she needs to figure out why. What is it about Channing that has her yearning for his touch?
Not only is Keara drawn to Channing, but the owner of Night Secrets seems to be drawn to her. Giving her special treatment, she can't help but wonder what he's hiding, and the sense she's seen him before. When she's attacked in the parking lot, her world turns inside out, literally. Keara will soon learn that secrets of the night, just may be the death of her.


     A chill ran down my spine and my hairs stood on end.
I lifted my head and looked around. Channing looked
down at me. “You okay?”
     I ignored him for a few more moments as I continued
to scan the room. There. Up on the second floor, Corbin
was standing there watching us behind dark sunglasses.
Another chill ran through me as I looked at Channing. He
had already looked up and saw what I saw.
     “Just ignore him.”
     I smiled. Corbin was giving me the creeps again. Why
does he do that? Act normal one second and creepy the
next. I just didn’t understand him.
     When the song ended Channing looked down into my
eyes. “You sure you’re okay?”
     “I’m fine. Really.” I smiled.
     He lowered himself so he was even with me. Grabbing
my face between his hands he laid the softest kiss upon
my lips. I felt my knees tremble and he slid his hand
around my waist to steady me, while deepening the kiss.
His lips were warm and soft just like I’d imagined. The
heat he sent through my body reached to my core. The
woman in me started to ache for his touch.
     When he pulled away I was breathless. I opened my
eyes to find Channing looking into them. “That was nice.”
He said smiling.
     I nodded as we started back to our table. Jared was
grinning ear to ear. I smiled back before excusing myself
to the ladies room. I needed to get my bearings.
     I splashed cold water on my cheeks and looking into
the mirror I couldn’t help but smile. That was a nice kiss.
He really caught me off guard, but I’m glad he did. I
patted my face dry with a paper towel and started out the
door. I couldn’t wait to get back to Channing. Just as I got
out of the door I felt someone grab my arm.
     “Again we meet.” He said smirking.
     I looked at him for a moment, then realized it was
Corbin. What was with the accent? “Corbin. You scared
     He just smiled. His grip on my arm tightened, and I
was instantly filled with fear. He started pulling me
towards the door. “Corbin let go of my arm you are
hurting me.” He pulled me into the parking lot. “Corbin let
go of me.” Panic was setting in. What was he doing?
I pulled back only for him to turn around, glaring with
anger and mouth puckered. “Please let go of me Corbin.”
     “My dear lady, I am afraid you have mistaken my
identity. I am not that low life of a coward Corbin. I am
Dante¢.” His grip loosened slightly and his face relaxed.
I was really confused now. He looked just like Corbin,
then I noticed the shadow of hair forming a gotee. “I see
from the puzzlement on your face that you don’t recall our
first meet. I also see you are fond of my brother Corbin. I
assure you though that he is a waste of time. I know he
has taken a special interest in you as well, and I just had
to find out why. From your smell though, I can see
clearly. You are truly mouth watering.” He smiled
     He pulled me closer to him and smelled the air around
me. “Absolutely mouth watering.” He repeated.
     I felt the fear wash over me. I’m not sure what Dante'
wanted, but it wasn’t good. I could sense that much.
Aunt Aingeal was right. I should have listened. As my
tension built up, I felt my muscles contracting almost to
the point of pain. As he continued smelling the air around
me, the tighter my muscles got. I finally realized it was
the guy from the first night that the club opened. The one
that lost his girlfriend. That is why Corbin seemed so
familiar and at times gave me the creeps. They were


Lorrie said...

Hi Brandi,

I never heard voices in my head. lol. Hmm. I just like to entertain readers with a good story. Writing that, I have to say, yours sounds great. On my TBB list.

May your sales soar.

Omegia Keeys said...

It is so amazing to see ones journey on becoming a writer. I think I did a blog with this very same topic a little while back. Your "voice" is loud and strong lady so don't you dare silence it! All the best.

BK said...

Hey Lorrie - thank you so much for stopping in! You get used to the voices after a while lol, though it's really just the story not letting you alone.

Thanks for stopping in Omegia and no worry, I will never stop listening to the "voices".

Thanks for your support girls!


Margaret West said...

I was the school geek whose projects were bigger than me lol I have always loved to write and I suppose it was fate that took me to the film producer I worked for. His scriptwriters told me that nothig is impossible and if wanted to write, then do it. My first book was born there and was published 25 years later lol I had many inbetween that of course lol
Great post brandi. pleasure reading it. xx

Sally Sapphire said...

I so totally identify with the idea of voices - the problem is, I usually hear them while driving. I've taken to keeping a digital voice recorder in my purse, and when the voices start, I plop it down on the dash and just talk to myself. It's really awkward (even moreso to listen to later), but it works well to capture the ideas.

Rightside said...

Brandi, that angel of words seem to follow many a writers. I had poetry floating around in my head all my young years, until I placed them on paper. Since then my writing graduated to fiction (something I had never thought of doing) and the stories keep coming! I wish you all the best in your writing and sales.

Heavensent1 said...

The more voices you all hear, the more books I can review...hehe Great post BK and thanx for sharing!

Kiki Howell - Author said...

I am so glad you listened to those voices BK, I have really enjoyed your stories :) I once tried to silence mine for over a decade, and it nearly killed me doing so. They can be vicious!!! Now they have had me writing double time since 2007 when I let them talk again. LOL

Great Post!

A.Lightbourne said...

The characters in my head tend to be naggy. 'When are you going to write again?' 'You do know you left me alone in a room with Tim, this will not end well if you don't hurry up'. Mostly the voices are my MC in Space Trippers wanting me to hurry up and write so she can get on with her life. LOL

As long as we don't start answering back...outloud... I think we are okay. ;o}

A. Lightbourne
Author of Space Trippers adventure series and Brass Hearts-a steampunk fairytale.

dawnmomoffour said...

The problem with my voices is that there are too many! *Winks* I have so many ideas and stories I wouldn't and don't, know where to start. I am not a writer, I am a thinker. I need a ghostwriter, or an exorcist heh heh. Just kidding. I do, however, need someone to straighten out all these ideas and stories. LMBO. Love the blog!

BK Walker said...

Margaret - I am so glad you did write because I love your work :).

Sally - a mini recorder is brilliant, though it might make me laugh to see you driving down the street talking to yourself lol. I love it.

Mary - thank you for stopping in. It's amazing what happens once we open the gates to our muse. It doesn't ever stop :). Keep on keepin' on.

Heavensent - we love our reviewers :). Thank you for all you do and for stopping in. Nice to see you on this side of tours.

Kiki - I could imagine it would've been torture trying to quiet the voices. They make me crazy when I won't get up in the morning to write sometimes lol. Thank GOD you started writing again or we'd be missing out on some awesome reads from you :).

Aurora - I so understand. They can be very demanding and relentless. I think if I start answering back I'm in BIG trouble haha.

Dawn - thanks for stopping in and sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin. Just start writing and as you do, it will come to you on where to go from there. Start a journal, that's what I did. Anytime I get an idea, I write it down and my muse let's me know when it's time to start working on that specific story :).

Thanks everybody!


Nora Weston said...

Wonderful post. :) You are so right about the "voices" that provoke some people to become writers. This post may inspire a few creative souls to start their writing careers. I enjoyed the excerpt from Night Secrets!

Rightside said...

Heavensent you can review my books at any time :) In fact I just finished a short story and would love to get your input!

J.A. Beard said...

I spend so much time thinking about writing, it's actually distracting at times. LOL. I've 'written' entire books in my head.

I glad I'm not the only obsessed one.

Anonymous said...

Voices? Nah not for this crazy writing team. But ideas to boot. We have so many folders with WIP. This should keep us busy for many years ahead. As for me, I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or on a wip, I'll wake up the next morning with a scene in my head. Am I dreaming our books? I don't know because I don't remember my dreams. What I do know is the writing bug has bit me, left a mark and won't heal until I pass from this earth. :)

InlovewithTwilight7 said...

That is an awesome way to tell or explain how you became a writer. I wish could get it all out straight. Thank you for taking the time to let us get to know you. I think you have done an amazing job.

BK Walker said...

Thank you for stopping in. It is a great way to let writers know they are not alone. I think we all go through some sort of same experience. It's just the wonder of "where do I go from here". I'm always available if anyone has any questions on how to get started. :).


Nikki said...

ts really very interesting reading all the different ways that stories are born. I read a post early about how someone was shopping at a grocery store and one scene she witnessed spurred a whole book. From voices to dreams its all very fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to share BK!

Sandy said...

I don't hear voices in my head, but ideas keep popping into my head.

The end of your excerpt is spine tingling.

Az Publishing Services, LLC said...

Thank you BK for being my guest on my blog spotlight on featured authors. I too hear those voices when writing. Right now, I have Max, the hunky guy on the cover of Resurrection at Salvation Springs who is talking in my head. Keep writing.
Patti Hultstran

winnie said...

Interesting post to read, thanks for sharing it with us!