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Romancing your darkside tour #2 - BK Walker

So You Think You Want to be a Writer?
by BK Walker

I used to ask myself this over and over again. I've always had stories floating around in my head, and as I kid I used to tell stories all the time. Let me tell you, I had some pretty good ones too lol. Did I ever consider myself a writer back then? Heck no! It never even crossed my mind that other people may some day be reading my stories.

So what changed? The day the voices in my head became so profound I had no other choice but to listen. Once I opened that flood gate, it's never stopped. I can remember sitting in my nursing lecture, half listening to the instructor and half in a daydream. (I never was any good at paying attention). All of a sudden, this voice just started talking, almost yelling in my head and it drowned out everything around me. When I realized that lecture was over, I shook it off and headed home. That night, I was laying in bed and the voice came back. I almost thought I was going crazy, becoming a schizophrenic, you know being in nursing school and learning all these new terms you tend to diagnose everything, and it wouldn't shut up! I tossed and turned all night with scenes flashing before me.

The next day, I drug myself out of bed and back to school. Again I heard this voice. I left school early that day and went home and started writing down the scenes and what the voice was telling me. Before I knew it, I had pages upon pages full of the story. As I looked at the words written before me, I thought, "this would make a great book". I let it ferment for a few days, the voice quieter now but still present. Then I asked myself, you think you want to be a writer? Of course I laughed at this notion, that evil little green guy on my shoulder telling me "Yeah Right! You! A Writer? Hahahaha!"

As the days went on, so did this voice in my head. Almost begging me to put it in a manuscript. So I thought, why not? I sat down at my computer and just started typing. Before I knew it, I had six chapters completely typed out and the story was pretty good. I re-read it several times, then decided to print it out and take it to a friend. She read it and was like, "OMG. You should get this published!" It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to be a writer. To tell this story and maybe it would help someone, someday. So I finished the book and sent it out. Near Suicide was born, and later changed to Death Upon Me.

If you are asking yourself this very question, "So you think you want to be a writer?", you probably already have the answer. YES! If you are hearing voices (as me and my good friend Yvonne Mason like to say), or are dreaming such vivid dreams and have a story already in your head, just go for it! You can do it! You ARE a writer my friend, you just need to put the words out there for others to enjoy!

BK Bio:
BK Walker currently lives in Central Pennsylvania with her three children, Brittney, Hunter and Danny, her dogs Rancid, Sadie and Haven, a cat named Whiskers and a goldfish named Fat Albert. She has always had a love for reading and writing, even as a child she created stories reading them to her stuffed animals. With a love for vampires and werewolves, you will not be disappointed with her writing as she mixes up the paranormal juice. Aside from writing, BK also supports Indie Authors organizing virtual book tours, helping them to market and promote their work. Her book review site, BWB Reviews, is just another small way she contributes to the reading world. With many stories floating around in her head, she writes when she gets the time between working as a Pediatric Home Care Nurse, being a single mother, and continuing her college education in Graphic Art Design. When BK's not fighting with her muse, Mouthy Mary, who has much to say way too often, you will find her at a baseball game with her children, or relaxing with a good book in her hand.
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Night Secrets Blurb:
Keara Crosby had the perfect life. Her family was not hurting for anything. When her parents are suddenly killed, Keara must learn to live without them. After mourning their death for two months, Keara starts to live again. She follows her favorite band, hangs with her best friend Jared, and falls for the new kid on the block.
When her favorite band is playing at Night Secrets, a new club downtown, she takes her first outing since her parents death and finds this mysterious boy watching her. Mesmerized by his lapus blue eyes, she can't help but feel drawn to him. Her body responds to him in ways she never thought possible, and she needs to figure out why. What is it about Channing that has her yearning for his touch?
Not only is Keara drawn to Channing, but the owner of Night Secrets seems to be drawn to her. Giving her special treatment, she can't help but wonder what he's hiding, and the sense she's seen him before. When she's attacked in the parking lot, her world turns inside out, literally. Keara will soon learn that secrets of the night, just may be the death of her.


     A chill ran down my spine and my hairs stood on end.
I lifted my head and looked around. Channing looked
down at me. “You okay?”
     I ignored him for a few more moments as I continued
to scan the room. There. Up on the second floor, Corbin
was standing there watching us behind dark sunglasses.
Another chill ran through me as I looked at Channing. He
had already looked up and saw what I saw.
     “Just ignore him.”
     I smiled. Corbin was giving me the creeps again. Why
does he do that? Act normal one second and creepy the
next. I just didn’t understand him.
     When the song ended Channing looked down into my
eyes. “You sure you’re okay?”
     “I’m fine. Really.” I smiled.
     He lowered himself so he was even with me. Grabbing
my face between his hands he laid the softest kiss upon
my lips. I felt my knees tremble and he slid his hand
around my waist to steady me, while deepening the kiss.
His lips were warm and soft just like I’d imagined. The
heat he sent through my body reached to my core. The
woman in me started to ache for his touch.
     When he pulled away I was breathless. I opened my
eyes to find Channing looking into them. “That was nice.”
He said smiling.
     I nodded as we started back to our table. Jared was
grinning ear to ear. I smiled back before excusing myself
to the ladies room. I needed to get my bearings.
     I splashed cold water on my cheeks and looking into
the mirror I couldn’t help but smile. That was a nice kiss.
He really caught me off guard, but I’m glad he did. I
patted my face dry with a paper towel and started out the
door. I couldn’t wait to get back to Channing. Just as I got
out of the door I felt someone grab my arm.
     “Again we meet.” He said smirking.
     I looked at him for a moment, then realized it was
Corbin. What was with the accent? “Corbin. You scared
     He just smiled. His grip on my arm tightened, and I
was instantly filled with fear. He started pulling me
towards the door. “Corbin let go of my arm you are
hurting me.” He pulled me into the parking lot. “Corbin let
go of me.” Panic was setting in. What was he doing?
I pulled back only for him to turn around, glaring with
anger and mouth puckered. “Please let go of me Corbin.”
     “My dear lady, I am afraid you have mistaken my
identity. I am not that low life of a coward Corbin. I am
Dante¢.” His grip loosened slightly and his face relaxed.
I was really confused now. He looked just like Corbin,
then I noticed the shadow of hair forming a gotee. “I see
from the puzzlement on your face that you don’t recall our
first meet. I also see you are fond of my brother Corbin. I
assure you though that he is a waste of time. I know he
has taken a special interest in you as well, and I just had
to find out why. From your smell though, I can see
clearly. You are truly mouth watering.” He smiled
     He pulled me closer to him and smelled the air around
me. “Absolutely mouth watering.” He repeated.
     I felt the fear wash over me. I’m not sure what Dante'
wanted, but it wasn’t good. I could sense that much.
Aunt Aingeal was right. I should have listened. As my
tension built up, I felt my muscles contracting almost to
the point of pain. As he continued smelling the air around
me, the tighter my muscles got. I finally realized it was
the guy from the first night that the club opened. The one
that lost his girlfriend. That is why Corbin seemed so
familiar and at times gave me the creeps. They were

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Romancing your darkside tour #1 - Jamie Magee

Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she’d never been, introduce her to people she’s never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her. 

I want to admit that blogging or guest posting is one of the realms of the literary world that I have not explored thoroughly. I was a bit apprehensive about these stops ( I didn’t want to disappoint anyone – lol). When I was searching for topics B.K Walker kindly offered one for me to write about – her choice “writing mode – what process do you go through as you write.”

First of all I want to say I am without a doubt I am a ‘Panster’ (I’m cringing right now hoping that old English teachers do not come across this blog). In high school and college I could not stand the idea of outlines – they drove me mad. Every time I would try to write one I would end up completing the assignment instead. In fact when those amazing English teachers (looking for brownie points here) requested an outline or had you turn one in weeks before the paper I would ‘fake it out’ meaning, I would go through my paper and create one – the up side to this…my papers were always done well in advance to the due date.

Old habits die hard and sometimes not at all. When I began writing my debut, Insight, I did not know how the story would end. I’m one of those authors that have no idea what is going to happen until my fingers strike the keys – well, there are those times when an idea comes and I have to find a way to remember it before it leaves me, but even then that idea has not fully blossomed – not until my fingers reach the key board. I truly did think I was the odd man out – and was prepared to hide this little secret even after my book was published, but then I found reason to believe I was just another brand of an author.

The first person that made me feel normal about the way I created was Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. I came across a speech she had given on the creative process. One of the most interesting points in this speech was when she mentioned the poet Ruth Stone. Elizabeth spoke about an interview she had with Ruth and how Ruth explained that she would in effect ‘hear’ a poem coming – and when she did she would have to ‘run like hell’  to find a pen and paper and write the poem down before the poem moved on to another poet. I found that fascinating. What was even more interesting was when Ruth explained to Elizabeth that sometimes she was almost to late to catch a poem – and she had to ‘grab it by its tale’ and when this happened the poem came out perfectly on the paper – except for the fact that the poem was backwards – written from the end to the beginning. Now, that little story made me feel normal. Don’t get me wrong I do not catch stories by the tale (that would be cool though) but, I do know how it feels when as story hits you.

The first idea for Insight came to me while I was wrapping Christmas Presents in Dec of 2009. I remember freezing with scissors in hand and watching a scene play out before me. I was paralyzed by the raw emotion I felt from my characters, and had no choice but to write them down. To tell you how out of character this was for me – I didn’t even own a personal lap top, much less a word document. I had to borrow one from my father in law just to get started.  As I began to write my daydream out my mind started to play other scenes – I would have given anything to have been able to type faster.

This process of in effect “catching a story” is how I have completed each of my novels. Unlike Ruth Stone’s poems my characters do not wonder off to another author – they haunt me until their story is written. I’ve been told that I was insane for staying up all hours of the night – or rising before the sun to write, but honestly according to my characters sleep wasn’t an option at that moment.

I can’t explain how amazing it is to watch a story come life – to know that there is not another soul on earth that has seen, read, or heard what these characters are living through.

Today I not only adore the fact that other writers have penned the creative process I use as “Panster”, but I embrace it. Even though ‘catching stories’ or scenes have cost me sleep that will never be regained – it was worth every second. I’m honored that my characters have found me and I have the pleasure of telling their story.

I would like to thank Az Publishing Service once again for having me here, and each of you for taking time out of your day to read the ramblings of a new author.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Touch of Grace Authors Charles Burgess Jermond Walker 08/16 by A Touch of Grace | Blog Talk Radio

A Touch of Grace Authors Charles Burgess Jermond Walker 08/16 by A Touch of Grace | Blog Talk Radio

Charles Burgess, born August 15, 1970 in Providence, Rhode Island, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a child and attended high school at Pulaski, North Division, and Washington. Upon finishing high school, Charles decided to take a Bank Specialist job at State Farm Insurance Company. While working there, Charles completed his first book titled, “Homies”.
Since then, Charles has taken the literary craftsmanship more seriously and began writing novels fulltime. “Don’t Say You Do If You Don’t”,  “Bee-Wildered”, "The Ghetto Sopranos: Rise of the Family", "Midnight Love" are the recent titles completed by Charles Burgess.
Now 40 years of age, Charles is currently single and has chosen to dedicate his time to completing a seven book series titled “The Ghetto Sopranos”, while also working on more titles for in-between releases. Cricket & Honey, Instant Message Me, Trigger Words, Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, are just a few that Charles has in the pipeline.

Introducing, Jermond Walker:
Jerrmond "JDub" Walker was introduced to poetry as a means of personal therapy. A friend brought him to a local poetry set and his love for the art flourished almost immediately.  Known to Milwaukee's poetry scene as "JDub", listeners of his work understood that when he hit the stage -the truth would flow. Bold, strong and sometimes even crass to the sensitive ear, JDub's stories of tainted love, social and community dissatisfaction, and an occasional sexual exploitation won him the favor and respect of a thriving poetry community...

This book, Touched by Two Souls - Sleeveless Emotions, is an poetry rendezvous with the urban life as the back drop.

Get this book now for $11.95 on the publisher's page or in eBook on Charles Burgess' special birthday page.