Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jules Vern predicted eBooks in 1863

This article was passed to me and I checked it out. How cool it is to have proof that sci-fi writers get it right before anyone else! So, here it is all you UN-believers in the science-fiction was of life.
Thanks so much Sophie for the share.

As your site is an authority on literature, I wanted to share this illustrated article with you which explores how many modern gadgets were being written about decades before they were invented:
From Jules Verne describing eBooks in 1863 to Nikola Tesla predicting the rise of the Blackberry a century ago, I'm sure you'll agree that the technological prophecies highlighted here are eerily accurate. As this fun look at tech predictions is of direct interest to your readership, you're welcome to freely share it on your site - a link back to as the original source would be highly appreciated when doing so.
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