Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Tips & Bits for Marketing - March

Marketing Tips For Authors.....from Charles Burgess

author of Don't Say you do if you Don't 
Ghetto Sopranos: Rise of the Family

Chocolate Rose

And the new book coming March 18th,
"Midnight Love"
The Key to selling, is marketing. We all know this, but what is the key to marketing. Marketing your book is marketing yourself. If you believe in what you've taken the time to write, then stand behind it. Family and friends are a good start. (List) while your book is in it's production stages. Make a list of all your family and friends with Names, Addresses, and phone numbers. People love to get things from people they know in the mail. Flyers or bookmarks are great to send out, about a week before your release. Then it gives you the outlet to call all these people on your mailing list. They will surely say, "Hey did your book come out?" and you can say, "Yes, I have your copy right here."
Book signings are great, and you can start with your list, but everyone you encounter, while you're writing is a good prospect to let them know your book is coming. Make sure you get their names and numbers along with email addresses to keep them aware. I love to do the book signings and I call them book events. Here I have food, and maybe a poet, or singer come out. Look for a person who is willing to help, maybe an aspiring author. There are a lot of aspiring great talent that would love to be put in front of a ready made audience and show their talents. This is great because you can advertise that you have entertainment and free food, this will draw more people to show up. Bookstores are okay. I just personally haven't had the greatest success with generating the type of crowd needed, but you want to do them even if only five people show, because that is five more books sold and five more people who know you now.
Posters. They are great. I hang them in every place I can. Poster with my book cover and release date, and you can get fancy with them and be creative. The more you make it look exciting the more curious people are.
Accessories. I once did my own bottle water which was a regular bottled water, but with my book label affixed to it. I also had a Rubik's cube designed, which is a six-sided operational Rubik's cube that contained my book covers. I'm going to try a new venture with the new release of Chocolate Rose, by producing a candy bar that will have the book cover as the wrapper and the author's name on the back as the ingredients. 
One other marketing tool that creates awareness is book trailers. You can send the link to people by copy and pasting and they love to view them. I'm also working to trying something new with this tool, moving to live book trailers using real actors. This should bring something different to my marketing efforts.
Remember, marketing is very important. If you don't market people you don't know, then they can't support you. It takes time, some get lucky with one book. It may take some authors ten books, but marketing keeps your book in people faces, which is a must.

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