Thursday, February 17, 2011

Overpriced books

Examples of a few overpriced books: 

This science-fiction book from is being sold for $22.94. Even at 490 pages, we could have printed this book for $8.92 each. They could have retailed the book at $16.95 - 17.95 (fair market value) which would have left $8.03 - 9.03 for each personal sale. The author probably paid $20.00 per book for printing (based on numbers I have seen before for LuLu), this only leaves $2.94. Would much rather sell more books at market prices. Wouldn't you?

This is a 400 page paperback being sold by LuLu for $21.95. Same problem.
We could have printed this book for $7.61 each with Laminated covers and 60# bright white paper interior and left the author with more money in their pockets for books they are marketing and selling themselves anyway.

Now -- how can these authors get out of their LuLu?

It is much tougher to get out from under LuLu because they make you pay for the files of your book cover and interior, even though you paid for the work. Yes, you are getting some books to sell in their package deals they sell you. But, once you sell those to your family and friends, what then?

This has been the question asked of me from the 25 authors, with 30 books, on our bookshelf and in our family of Imprint Publishers. The answers to this question and many more is what we will be covering in our Changing Face of Publishing Webinar series.

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We never sell our lists because we value our authors and readers.
We also don't believe in gouging our authors because we are authors ourselves.

Good luck out their everyone,
Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC

Sunday, February 6, 2011

James A. Owen - Arizona Author

I met James last year at LepreCon and again at last year's Tucson Festival of Books. James is a very rare breed of being an awesome artist and writer. He is the best of both worlds. James is on my TOP 5 favorite authors right now and is highly acclaimed by Ray Bradbury. James is also an Arizona author!!
Find his books at:  

Upcoming Event for the Chasing Time Series

Looks like I will have 2 time slots for book signing and to meet me in person at this year's Tucson Festival of Books - March 12th from 11:45am-1:15pm and Sunday, March 13th from 3:15 - 4:45pm. I will have copies of book 1, 2 and the brand new Book 3, Balance in Time just in time for this event.