Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Tips & Bits for Marketing in 2011: 6th Day till New Year

Taking Risks
by Zoe Sherwood
author of "Messengers from Eden"
and "Gentle Waves: Affirmations for You"
Zoe Sherwood is currently working on Book 3 in her new series print published by Az Publishing Services, LLC.

Gentle Friends:  Reflections for Now for 2011.
Here is an excerpt from this upcoming book. 

Adventure is worthwhile in itself. –Amelia Earhart

Taking risks is all that matters. If we don’t take risks, sometimes big ones,
we don’t live at all. We just settle for mediocrity and don’t believe in our dreams.

Dreams don’t come from us, they come from the Universe--desires, feelings and dreams are our signposts on a journey far more important than we thought we had in front of us. Take a risk.

Change is only scary because we’re afraid we will be worse off than before.
In actuality, we have a fifty/fifty chance to get something better, to become a better person along the way.  Those odds are tremendous.

In my world, a 50% chance is darn near a sure thing.
So take a risk.
Many of us once only had a 2% chance of survival.
I take 50% any day. To live. Life. At its fullest.
Take a risk.
If things aren’t great right away, wait a little.


On asking Zoe whether she thought a memoire book was fiction or non-fiction, she stated, "Definitely non-fiction." 
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