Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Book Tips & Bits for Marketing in 2011: 8th Day till New Year

Book Marketing Tip: Finding your Audience
by Todd VanHooser

author of "The Barren Twelve" and "The Lamplighter Collection"

also the developer of "Adventures Under The Laughing Moon Role-Playing Game"

Don’t expect your audience to find you.  Instead, find your audience.

In this day and age, everyone and their brother can publish a book.  The fact that you have your own work in hand does not mean that readers will instantly come knocking.  In fact, now more than ever, the competition is fierce.  If you hope to sell to more than just your friends and family, that means hitting the pavement with book in hand.  You need to build an audience and leave them wanting more.

Be willing to put some money behind  your  marketing efforts.  Pay for an appealing cover that forces a reader to pick up the book.  Books ARE judged by their cover, despite what old cliché you may have heard. Purchase booth space at local events,  and be willing to burn some gas in your efforts to broaden your reach.

Look into your local convention scene. This is a great way to talk to potential readers and to begin creating a name for yourself.  Not only can you get in contact with potential readers, you can network with others in the industry. Some local bookstores might offer up a day to do a book signing or even a reading.  Create fliers, cards, mailers, and get the word out there.

Remember, you are your own best marketing tool.  No one knows your material as well as you, and ultimately, no one wants this to succeed more than you.  You cannot afford to be shy in this industry.

Create an expectation for your work, then find the audience so you can put your book into their hands. 
To see my marketing efforts visit http://www.toddvanhooser.com

EXCERPT from "The Barren Twelve" 
or directly through the publisher with FREE SHIPPING at  

Chapter 1
Dragon’s Hollow

Restless for the first time in two decades, Shydian stirred in her sleep and the cavern around her echoed with the hiss of her escaping breath. The listless dream that encased her mind wavered as the dead air of the cave was infused with an unexpected fresh breeze.  Carried on that breeze was the scent of intruders. This was real.  Tangible.  At long last, the outside world slipped beneath the velvety veil of conjured dreams.
She struggled against the bonds of her slumber.  Dreaming in a magical prison of sleep, Shydian, like the other dragons, knew a false world painted by sorcery.  Only partially aware of their true cavernous surroundings, the dragons drowned in images borne on an enchanted whisper.  Again and again the lilting words of the Senduan Mystics lulled them into greater depths of slumber. Words spun endlessly, caught in an infinite lullaby. Dimly, far below the tumultuous dreamscape to which they were tethered, the dragons were aware of their predicament.  They were aware, but lacked the willpower to overcome the grip of the magicians’ spell.  Shydian was a slave within her mind, but the spell itself was delicate.  Like a thin glaze of ice upon a thawing pond.
Even the slightest disturbance could create the crack necessary for escape. The sinuous nature of the incantation depended greatly on the secluded setting of the dragon’s lair. Any disturbance to the nest risked granting the dragons the necessary willpower to overcome the spell. So it was that Shydian tested the magical bonds and found they were not as strong as she remembered.
        She inhaled the scent of the intruders, and in her dreams the mortals took gauzy, indistinct form. Humans, mostly.  Smelling of leather and sweat and fear. They stood beyond the mouth of the cave, soundlessly gazing across the fire-blasted floor, squinting into the oppressive gloom. She could smell their anxiety; their fear mixed with excitement. The mounds of treasure glinted in the darkness and caught their greedy eyes, but even in the dreamscape she understood this was not their goal.  The dragon could feel their small, mortal minds bent on some particular purpose, and it was this purpose that overcame their immediate fear.
        Shydian swam against the current of magical repose, reaching for the surface of lucidity.

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