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Book Tips & Bits for Marketing in 2011: 10th Day till New Year

Inspirational Writing

by Robb F.

I am asked now and again how I write my books, which are spiritually based "lessons learned" of my journey through life.  When I get an idea for an essay it usually comes following a period of meditation or even just "out of the blue."

When I get ready to write I just sit down at my keyboard, get quiet and then wait.  Whatever I need to write just seems to flow out.

Often times I am surprised by what I write and sometimes I start off in one direction and the flow will end up somewhere else entirely different.  I was telling this to a friend who is struggling with some writing the other day
and she said, "That's it!  Be quiet!  That's probably the key!"  She always had some sort of music or something going on and worrying about this or that.  But getting quiet and letting the flow go seems to be the key!


“So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German dramatist, poet and scientist (1749-1832)

Being in balance means being in harmony with the world - the Universe - around one.  This brings about a calmness of mind - a feeling of serenity.

God is Pure Harmony, pure Balance.

As we let go of our Human desires, fears, worries and expectations and become more in harmony with God, our life achieves Balance.

Through this inter-connectedness between us and everything in the Universe, we create our lives.

If we are in balance with the world around us, then whatever we do affects that balance of Life.

A good (positive) tone creates a positive harmonic tone.  It spreads out like the ripples in a pond where one throws a stone.

Positive actions and intentions not only allow more positive effects to return to us, but positive actions also have the effect of discharging negative intentions and thus create more pure conscious energy.

It can have a cumulative effect.

Good offsets evil.

Working on positive, life enriching, life bettering actions in one’s life results in a positive return of friendship, peace of mind, calmness of Spirit and whatever one needs in life to survive and succeed.
It’s a law of the Universe.

Thus we create a balance of Life.

from "God Waits Patiently" - Book 2


“I accept the goodness of God.”
Accepting goodness when it is presented or available
can be difficult to do if one is used to having
things the other way.
One of the definitions of “accepting” is “amenable”
or “open”.
Part of the derivation of the word “accept” means: “to
take what is offered,” or “take or receive willingly.”
One must be willing or open to receive the goodness
that is there for the taking.
4 God Waits Patiently
In matters of work, relationships, love, health or finances,
we must somehow let go of our fears, worries,
concerns and hurts from the past. We must be willing to
let God work in and through us, spreading His
We must be willing to let go of our fears. Sometimes
our fears and worries become such a part of us that we
are afraid to lose them. The fears themselves are some
sort of a “comfort zone.” If we have been hurt emotionally
by a prior relationship we must let ourselves release
those hurts and move on into the future - a new future
that we create.
The truth is that the goodness is there all along - it is
our intrinsic nature, it is the nature of God to be good.
It is our true nature to be happy, loving, prosperous
and healthy.
Learning to accept that can make all the difference in
the world!

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