Monday, November 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo: 2010

This blog is where I can write the BIG PLAN for achieving my NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words in 30 days. Now that is like 1,666.66 to infinity (but not beyond), unless you write more than this. Which I have to say that on DAY 1 - at 1:25pm I have EXCEEDED my goal.

BUT -- well you knew there was a BUT, right. There is always a BUT when it comes to a procrastinator.

Let's go back to that BIG PLAN.
NaNoWriMo would like you to make the goal a novel from beginning to where ever you can end it in the 50,000 words, BUT (here it comes) ....
I need MORE.

More what?

I need more words then just the ones in this one book, even though it is a monumental book. And the deadline is looming like the monster around the corner. The "2012: The Calm Before the Storm" is being published by January 1st, 2011. But, this book is a COLLABORATION, which means I do not write this all by myself. Now, I know what you are thinking -- but shouldn't you be doing your part.
Why yes, and my part of that 100,000 word count will probably be under 50,000 words because Don is like so far ahead of me and likes to jump ahead to the scene I really wanted to write. But, hey, that's Ok, because we are COLLABORATING, which means I am his MUSE and he wants to be the TOP DOG.

When I was asked by a friend if I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year and not be the chicken&@)($) I was last year because I FAILED to make the challenge in 2008, I thought about it before I said _________no. I thought, "hmmm, what better way to not only write the hand-me-down scenes and characterizations in the 2012 book, because, face it, I have a WHOLE LOT of character--- but, I thought, hey, maybe I can add some SPICE to the NaNo Challenge."

One of the goals I have been failing at miserably, among others, has been writing the articles for Examiner. I have been reading how others have been making $10,000 per year or more writing for the Examiner and I thought and maybe said out loud, "Holy Crap, I would like to see that happen!" BUT, (there it is again) this would be even more of a challenge because I don't write about Twilight, or celebrities going to jail, or sports. I write about books which is why I have the title, "Phoenix Books Examiner". Now, I could write about Twilight, because it is indeed a book or books if you consider the whole series of vamps and wolves. And I may even sink to that level if I must, by selling out to the "Man" or to the "Vampire", as it were.

Now, on my page I will give all NaNo's tips, tricks, and all the fluffy stuff they can eat and digest without totally hurling, but here on my blog, I am the TOP DOG. And just in case you are on the NaNoWriMo police force, I am not counting these blog rantings as actual, official NaNoWriMo word count for November 2010.

from a TV commercial .....
And for buying into this now, we will add even more to the challenge....
For this limited time, I will also leap a tall building by also working on another book at the same time.
BUT ,,,, to get this deal of a challenge, you must act now and stop procrastinating on YouTube.

By the way, I was NOT hooked onto YouTube until I had to find videos for those pesky articles for Examiner. It's a vicious cycle.

And so, I summerize. I will write over those 50,000 words thru the following:
1. The 2012 book so Don won't get full credit for the book.
2. The Examiner articles because I want to prove one way or the other that even I can make money as a freelance writer.
3. I am thinking about the "Bad Easter Bunny" book, so it will be out before Easter, and would give me even better reasons to keep up the sarcasm on my blog.

It is a vicious circle -- but I don't have a full time, regular job, so I must prove I can actually write for a living, (and continue to pan myself out as a graphic designer because that is really what pays for the rent). If I can't make the 50,000 word goal in 30 days with those 3 goals, then I really should give in to "The Man" and go back to a corporate job, if they will have me.

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