Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wayne Farquhar: VBT Hosting

Title:  Blood over Badge
Genre:  Crime fiction
Publisher: 3 L Publishers

During an interview yesterday, the host asked “Wayne, when did you consider yourself a writer?” The question caught me off guard and I paused and then suddenly found myself searching for an answer during the LIVE show! I chuckled and said “about a week ago.” We had a good laugh and then I gathered my thoughts about the question.

I stayed with the theme and explained I never really gave the title much thought. I remembered years ago, at the beginning. I knew two things for sure: I desired to write and I had a good story to tell. So it began with trying to write the very best, “first line.” I wrote a thousand first lines until I finally settled with “Kyle Sanders fidgeted and his ankle shackles clinked.” The next goal was to write the best paragraph I could dream up. Soon after, paragraphs became pages and a chapter was born. I set goals to write the next scene and to capture the right voice of each character. As I moved along, the characters “talked to me” and they became real people. I created a roster listing every character. I identified everything about that character: Name, age, appearance, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality, likes, dislikes, ambitions, goals, jobs, history, favorite food and favorite drink. The list goes on forever, right? And every time I wrote about that character, I tried to include something about them. Mostly, it’s done through something they’re doing or saying. Or how they speak and what words they use. Adjective use in a character’s dialogue says a lot about who they are and what they think. Here’s a great rule of thumb: A reader should be able to identify the character by their dialogue alone, sans tags.

As I got further into the manuscript, I found my goals and objectives grew more complex and challenging. I believe it’s a natural occurrence during the writing process because our skills improve as we write. Writing is truly a craft and we have to continue to write in order to hone our craft.

Then one day it happened. I finished the story and realized I’d written a book. What I didn’t realize was, now the work really begins! The stars aligned and I found a great editor who said to me “if you want to write, you have to love to rewrite.” He wasn’t kidding. Interestingly enough, I found my goals had changed. And today, it’s been a long time since trying to write the very best “first line” and I’ve grown as a writer. Hey! … I just called myself a writer! Not a new writer, but a writer that’s grown and developed!

Someday, my 11 year old son will be old enough to read Blood Over Badge. He’s too young now because the book is “R-Rated.” My son will be able to go into a bookstore or library and see a book with his last name on the cover and binding. He can open it and read the dedication to him and his mom. If I didn’t mention it, that was my final goal for writing a book. The way I see it, I hit the grand slam! It’s been a long journey and I’ve truly been a writer for a long time … Ever since I typed the very first, “very best - first line.”

Bio:  Wayne Farquhar is a 28-year veteran working with the San Jose Police Department in California. He has worked through the ranks from officer to lieutenant with detective assignments in Sexual Assaults, Homicide
and Internal Affairs. He has also worked undercover assignments in
Child Exploitation, Child Pornography and Vice. He spent 10 years as a
street cop and hostage negotiator. Wayne has worked on Federal Task
Forces with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He has appeared
on national television, /America’s Most Wanted/ on a murder investigation. BLOOD OVER BADGE is his first effort in crime-thriller
fiction, and he hopes to write more books and speak to larger
audiences about his experiences in law enforcement. Wayne lives with
his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you would like to formally invite Wayne to speak about BLOOD OVER
BADGE or law enforcement to your organization, association, conference
or expo, please send an email to


The murder of the Mayor of San Francisco’s daughter sets the stage for
this intriguing and spellbinding crime thriller. Two police detectives, Jack Paige and Casey Ford are assigned to catch a cold-blooded rapist and killer. In this gritty, realistic tale of homicide, unrelated mysteries of two murderers seem to come together and make little sense. What does a man rotting away behind the stench-enclosed walls of Angola Penitentiary have to do with an evil and cruel rapist and killer now on the run from California to Texas? What is the relationship to the killing of the Mayor’s daughter? BLOOD OVER BADGE, an intense, taunt and brilliantly told crime thriller, takes readers on a realistic, gritty and real-world tour de force exploring the underbelly of police and detective work.

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