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Reviews for Time Conquers All

Futue Romance and time trave! Time Couquers All by P.J. Hultstrand,
June 5, 2010
By April A. Renn "aarenn" (Henderson, NC) - See all my reviews
This review is from: "Time Conquers All" (Time Series) (Perfect Paperback)
TIME CONQUERS ALL by P.J. Hultstrand is a parallel time romance set in India-Asia in 1587. It is well written with depth and detail. It is a fast paced, page turning and quick read. It is book one in the Time Series. It has action, drama, communicating with animals, futuristic romance, and challenges. It is an epic saga of love, time travel and the challenges that go along with it. The characters will pull you into the story and hold you there from beginning to end. If you enjoy futuristic and time travel you will enjoy this quick read.

An Imaginative Fantastical Romance,
March 5, 2010
By Apex Reviews (Durham, NC USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: "Time Conquers All" (Time Series) (Perfect Paperback)
When Princess Tamea begins having recurring dreams of a mysterious young man fighting in a futuristic war far ahead of her time, she starts to believe that she's losing grip on her sanity. When those dreams are eventually followed, though, by a vision of the same man dying in her arms in another time and place, it begins to dawn on her that something in her life is about to change. The only question that remains: is she his savior - or is he a portentous link to her unforeseen future...?

An imaginative fantastical romance, Time Conquers All takes the reader on a vivid journey to the nether regions of time and place. In innovative fashion, author P.J. Hultstrand has crafted a moving tale that doubles as both epic saga and trans-dimensional romance, successfully coaxing the reader to suspend disbelief long enough to become completely immersed in the lush literary world of her creation. Furthermore, in both Tamea and Parker, her beloved, Hultstrand has created sympathetic characters that readers will find it difficult not to love - not to mention root for as they struggle to overcome a series of increasingly cumbersome challenges to the consummation of their love.

A moving love story for the ages, Time Conquers All is sure to strike a strong chord with die-hard fans of classic romance.

Chelsea Perry
Apex Reviews

Time Conquers All
By P.J. Hultstrand
AZ Publishing Services LLC, $14.95,
233 pp

This book is a time travel romance set
in an alternate history timeline in Asia in
the 1500s. The scenarios involves a group
of Vietnam era soldiers who find
themselves stranded in the past and build
themselves a small country, Alare, near
Nepal. It involves their relationship with
a nearby country Laie and their
commander’s inexplicable psychic
connection with the princess Tamea of
Laie. Laie is suffering from internal
conspiracies and the danger of an
external invasion by Nepal. They need
Alare and its mysterious weapons to
enhance their chance of survival. A royal
wedding is planned either between the
Princess Tamea and Commander
Walker’s younger brother or the Queen
and the Commander. This is derailed by
the instant and incendiary attraction
between the Commander (or Prince as he
styles himself) and the Princess. Things
are speeded up by assassination attempts
and eminent invasion.
Further the princess has visions of
future warfare involving Walker and of
herself encountering him in the future
after the war. She knows his mind in
ways that make him uncomfortable. Their
relationship is difficult. Her power of
communicating with animals is also
important to the story. Her Tiger guardian
patrols the palace and birds spy on the
Nepalese for her.
The characters are well sculpted and
believable. The plot is complex and
interesting. I enjoyed the book. A sequel
is due out soon. It can be had from
Amazon Marketplace and directly from

~ Gary L. Swaty
Volume 19 Issue 6 from ConNotations Newspaper

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