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Az Publishing Author Feature #6: Ceree Hall

Hello my name is Ceree Hall. I’m an urban fiction writer from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I have a novel entitled "Fed Up" that is a must read for any readers young or old. Fed Up is very submissive, domineering, characterization which is also a fast paced and enjoyable novel. It’s laced with action, drama twists and turns. I keep the readers on edge; Fed Up is currently available on Amazon & with FREE shipping direct from the publisher in trade paperback or Ebook formats.

Fed Up is a story that’s screaming to be told. This book is hot urban fiction that is full of action. Fed Up is based on a young married couple’s life, Rain and Jaden. Their lives were going great until Rain’s husband, Jaden, decided to cheat with a hot and sexy co-worker by the name of Andrea Tate, she was any married woman’s nightmare. That’s when all the drama unfolds. Jaden can’t control his cheating ways and love for money.  Rain wants out of their crazy marriage and goes to any extreme to do so. You will read how Rain deals with her husband and how Jaden deals with his wife and mistress.

This book can bring you happiness and sometimes pain as Rain deals with her unfaithful husband.  Young and old readers can relate to this story. Fed Up will have you on the edge of your seat, thirsting for more.

This novel brings awareness to readers all over that we still are dealing with abuse in America. Fed Up was written to show readers how easy it is to be involved or commit, murder, adulteress or any acts of violence weather  it’s physically, mentally. This book can relate and hopefully help a victim of any abusive situation to find away out. Don’t let the cover fool you. Men and women would enjoy this story it’s very hot and sexy.
I bring the characters to life in this novel.

Jaden deals with infidelities, being abusive, can’t control his cheating and love for money. Rain on the other hand, she’s Fed Up. She feels she’s trapped in her marriage and everyday she grows unhappy and displeases with her husband and all the extremes he’s taking her through.
Rain becomes Fed Up and finds strength to leave her marriage in hopes with no one being harmed in the process.

There is a part two of this novel which is entitled. So Fed Up The Outcome. That will be released this coming June 2010.

Please enjoy a sneak peek of… "So Fed Up… The Outcome"



In a comfortable cushioned lawn chair, I was relaxing in the back yard near the pool. With my legs kicked up, I was reading US Weekly Magazine to keep up on celebrity gossip (I was a huge fan of Jon & Kate plus eight). It was so tranquil; I thought about how my life was going. I couldn’t ask for more and had no complaints.

As I sipped my cold crystal light ice tea, served by one of the souths’ greatest nannies, I glanced at my boys rough playing and having fun on this hot summer day. With the sun beaming down, it felt every bit of the 110 degree temperature, It was bearable since I was use to this southern weather.

Everyday, my neighbors were out early and my little boys loved playing outdoors. On any given day, they would swing and slide, ripping and running, having so much fun. We didn’t have to go anywhere with everything we needed already here at the house. Our backyard was like a park full of inflatable toys and stuff for the kids to enjoy.

The fragrance of fresh grass and someone grilling nearby filled the air. Little things like that excited and pleased me; not a care or problem. I had nothing to do but enjoy life and raise my boys. I definitely felt like a queen sitting on my throne in my big new house.

I had my Channel stunner shades blocking the sun, House of Dior two piece swimming suit with heels to match. I thought I looked so cute and sexy.  I always want to look my best. My voluptuous breast was looking great in my bikini top and my ass sat just right in the bikini bottoms, my thighs and hips were the shit, and let’s not forget about my long curvy legs. I thought my main asset was my Beyonce, flat as a surf board, stomach. I’m so proud of my new body, thanks to the bow flex work out equipment that Radames bought right after I had the boys. Working out three times a week and running behind my boys really paid off, I looked exotic and sexy and Radames couldn’t get enough of me. I even cut my long hair into a short hairstyle something like Halle Berry. I had always had long thick hair; I thought I would miss it, but I don’t. I see it like this; hair doesn’t make me I make the hair. There are very few who could pull this off and still look good and I was one of them.

Before continuing to read my magazine, I glanced down at my gigantic diamond wedding ring, shining and sparkling in the sunlight.  I had to admit I was feeling like a totally different woman. I can really say I’ve matured and gained confidence. I don’t let anyone walk over me anymore; I will never let anyone use me as their personal door mat ever again. I know what I’m worth these days and every day until I leave this earth I’m walking with faith in my God and myself.

I’m at my best now: enjoying my freedom, living life to the fullest and never worrying about what happens next. Everything is going my way, anything else can hit the highway, I’m the boss of me and God is my ruler. I put God first, then myself, followed by my kids then my husband - it had to go in that order.

I have learned so much: I’ve had my ups and downs and I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance, everything in my life was planned by the Lord.  Half the things that I thought were so bad only helped me to get where I’m at today in my own little paradise.

I was thinking all this as I stood to go inside for lunch. Like clock work one of the nannies yelled “lunch is ready boys”. I didn’t have to do anything, everything was taken care of.

About The Author

I reside in Milwaukee Wisconsin as an Author and Poet enjoying life writing. Fed Up was a great experience for me. It was a journey full of twists and turns.  In 1997 I read hundreds of hot urban fiction stories and was amazed and loved must of what I had read. This encouraged me to want to write my own novels.

The easy part of doing so was getting all my thoughts on paper because it’s my passion to become a writer, years of searching for a publishing company was the hardest. Everywhere I looked no one was accepting manuscripts. Praying and keeping faith with God and my work.

That’s when I ran across an author and publisher named Charles Burgess. Charles has a self publishing company by the name of Underground Publications. I worked closely with Mr. Burgess and four months later I was holding my first novel in my hands.

The process was an experience all by itself. I learned a lot during that time including how to market, research and how to accomplish any goal that I want, and to be patient. I have realized everything should be done in processes, writing and publishing a novel is very serious and hard work.

Because you’re presenting your work to millions and trillions of people, and you want it to be the best. So never rush with something you're passionate about take your time. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Since Fed Up has been published, I have gotten lots of great feedback from readers all over. I have graduated to become a better writer. So if you liked "Fed Up" you’re going to love "So Fed Up… The Outcome."

To The Readers
Thank you for taking part in the virtual book tour provided by AZ Publishing Services. I hoped you enjoyed all that you have read. Hopefully you have the opportunity to read more of my novels. Thank you for the love and support.

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Az Publishing Services, LLC said...

Say "hello" Ceree.

I would have to say beyond any doubt that Ceree truly wants to be an author. She has had to prove this to me and she has succeeded. She will be an author to watch grow in her craft in the years to come. I am very proud to say that Ceree Hall is one of our authors at Az Publishing Services, LLC.

Happy Writing Ceree.
Patti Hultstrand