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Feature Author #1 - Robb F.

Az Publishing Author Feature

Title:  Maybe God has a Better Idea
Author:  Robb F.
ISBN #:  978-1-936037-28-5 

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About the book:
Maybe God Has a Better idea was written by a recovering alcoholic with nearly 14 years of sobriety behind him.    As one reader said: “An inspiring journal of the transformation that can happen when we let God do what God does … let acceptance replace control, let anger give way to calmness, let fear turn into faith and resentment into responsibility.  Robb does a great job of going both for the big concepts and for the nuts-and-bolts tools that we can use to apply them.”
Although a Better Idea often refers to the 12-steps programs of AA and other groups, the writings are relevant and timely to anyone seeking a better understanding of one’s relationship with God.

Here are some excerpts from the book:


The Ego-Mind is struggling - trying to hang on.  No “letting go and letting God” for the ego-mind!  No way!  It struggles.  It fights!  It won’t let go!  Until we go quieter and more and more into the silence and gradually let it go.

We are told to “Let go and let God.”
Let go of our own desires, goals, expectations and ambitions.
Let go of our fears.
But, oh how, what I call the “ego-mind” hangs onto these things and doesn’t want to let go!
I keep trying to hang onto my goals, ambitions and desires.
But then I had a thought - maybe God has a better idea!  Maybe His goals and dreams are so much better than mine!  (They probably are!)  If I can let go of what I think are my own great ideas of fame and wealth and other lofty ambitions, maybe God has something much, much better in mind.
The only way through and out then is to “Let go and let God” do His work - and try to keep out of the way!


            We hear it all the time: Just take it “one day at a time.”
Sometimes doing something one day at a time can be nerve racking.
            To one not accustomed to trust, especially trusting in God and the Universe, a day can seem like an eternity!
            We must separate ourselves - a spiritual being - from the demands of the Body and the Mind we have created.
            The Mind can come up with the most nonsense about why we can’t succeed; why we are no good and don’t deserve the best; all of that crap!
            We need to rise above it.  Get quiet.  Relax.  Meditate.  Go for that silence that lies within.  Learn how to quiet the Mind and seek the silence of God. 
            It takes time. It takes practice.  But each time it gets easier and easier.
            When our Mind gets over-active, learn to relax and go for the silence.  Only then can we really succeed.


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Say hello Robb. Tell us about your day so far in sunny Arizona.

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Hi Everyone!

I was just out taking a walk around the park and enjoying the beautiful weather! Can't beat it!


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I know those authors in Wisconsin are reading this and I hope they comment or complain about our rubbing their noses in our glorious weather in Arizona. LOL

To make matters worse:
You can open the windows and feel the breeze, but also stand in the sun, feeling the warmth. It's not HOT and it definitely is NOT COLD. Goldilocks would say, "It's just right." It is really bright with not a single cloud in the sky.

YES-- this is weather to write about and there is no FICTION about it.