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Az Publishing Author Feature #2

Cher-Rhonda Woodard-Lynk
Author of "Adverse Intentions" published in 2009
and new book coming soon, "Vanessa's Revenge"

We will be giving a FREE PDF eBook of Vanessa's Revenge to one reader who comments or asks a question for Cher-Rhonda before the end of the day, Thursday, the 15th.

Author Interview -

When did you first realize you wanted to write?

It started in elementary school.  I had a teacher named Ms. Young, in the afternoons after lunch she would read books to us.  Some of the books she read were books by Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary that dealt with children’s situations. I remember she was very vocal and she would change her voice to match the characters in the book.  Because she was so animated I could imagine myself being in the book.  After school I would go home and try to write my own stories about fictional characters.  I won't tell you their names because they were silly but I remember clear as day all four of the characters I wrote about. I never kept the stories because my mom did not like for us to keep a lot of paper around.  So they would end up throwing it all away. Ever since then I took an interest in writing.

How long does it take you to write each book – on average?

On average it takes me about six months to a year to write a book depending on what I have going on.  I'm always involved in other projects besides writing and working full time.

What would you say is your interesting writing habit?

I tend to think of a scenario while I'm sleeping.  If I do dream of something I will get up in the middle of the night and write in down.  I always make sure I kept writing materials around.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing your book(s)?

The surprising thing I have learned in writing books is that there is so much freedom to do whatever you want with the characters in the book.  I love how I can write a scene and come back the next day and change it.  The readers would be none the wiser.

How do you plan to promote your work?
I have started seeking ventures that will expand my target market.  I have my previous books advertised on different websites, local radio stations, my website, and the best form of communication, word of mouth. I also have flyers to send to event planners and organizations that host book events around the country. 

What do you think makes a compelling story?
I think that a compelling story is one that the readers can connect to, a story that the readers can bond in relation to the characters in the book.

Does a person need to start with Book 1 in this series or can they read Book 2 or 3 first without missing anything?
Vanessa is mentioned very briefly in book one.  In book two her situation is explained in preparation for book three.  If someone read book three first, they would not be left in the dark because I did quite a few flashbacks from the first two books.

If you could have one wish, what would it be?

 I would love to become a successful full time writer.

What are you working on next?

My next book is a book called Writer's block.  It's about a writer who decides to go out and do wild things to overcome her writer's block, but ends up in a twisted murder investigation.

Excerpt from Vanessa's Revenge:

Angelique stood and stared at the grey headstone that read her best friend's name.  She had everything; a husband, fame, children, a big house, money, and cars, everything that a girl could want.  But yet, she felt empty.   

“Tremel, I miss you so much,” she spoke between sobs.

“My life still seems so complicated. Although Eric is gone for good, I still feel as if something bad is going to happen.  You know how I always complain about those butterflies in my stomach?  Well, they’re back and maybe it’s because of everything that’s going on I feel like I can’t get a hold on my life.  It’s always something happening to me.     I need you here with me, I can’t handle all of this by myself, girl.  God, why was it her time to go?  God, why?” she said, then sitting on the freshly cut grass over the grave.   

“Tremel, Vince is a wonderful man and he will take care of Veronica.   He was discharged from the military so he could look after her and his brother.   You know the military was his life, but I can definitely see that family is much more important to him.   I’m so glad that Vince stayed here and didn’t go back to his hometown.   Tremel, he’s been with Veronica every day and he sure misses you.   I decided to take a break from Steady Beat since Vortex is back on. My brother is doing great and Lewis is happy.   He’s still worried about Reggie, or Lance, or whatever his name is now.   I just hope now that he’s back in the picture he won’t cause any problems.   Girl, I finally got time to relax since Jerid has been on the road with the guys.   But, I’ve been helping Vince look after Veronica and my kids love her like she’s one of them.   I just wish you were here to see her.   Tremel, I wrote a song for you, but I was saving it until your birthday.   I planned to have Lewis release my new album on your birthday because I dedicated it to you.   I wanted to surprise you.  You’re not here physically, but I know you hear me,” she said as she unfolded the tattered paper.   She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and began to sing…

“You were there all the time
Through the good and bad
Nothing could separate us
Not man or time
Although we share some ups and downs
Life has carried us through the years
Through laughs, secrets, and days of tears
'Cause you’re my friend the one who’s there for me
The one who’s help to make my life complete
You’re my friend my very best friend …”

Tears began to wail in her eyes and she couldn’t get the rest of the words of the song to come out.  The pain was taking over and the lump in her throat became harder.   

Angelique laid her head in the grass as if she was listening to Tremel’s heart.   This was the only time she cried after Tremel’s death.   Her thoughts reflected back to the times that they shared together from high school until the time she had seen her friend when she first picked her up at the airport.  Time seemed to move in slow motion as she looked at her watch and realized she had fallen asleep in the grass for about an hour.  Her cell phone was ringing off the hook with calls from Jerid and Lewis.   Angelique slowly rose from the grass and looked back at her friend’s grave.  Although her heart ached, she felt relieved.  She knew that her friend would want her to go on with her life as if she was still alive.  Angelique walked to her car with thoughts of coping without her friend forever.   

Vanessa walked slowly toward Tremel's grave, carefully staying out of Angelique’s sight.   She did not want Angelique to know that she was listening to her conversation.  Vanessa still had hate in her heart for Angelique, but because Tremel was a dear friend to her, she suppressed her hate toward her.   Vanessa looked at Tremel’s headstone and apologized to her.   Although Angelique was a dear friend to her, she decided to go on with her plan of revenge.   Vanessa felt as if Angelique had gotten away with too much for too long.   Now, it was time for the tables to be turned on Angelique, and destroying her career and her marriage was the best way to get back at her.     Vanessa slowly placed the roses she had in her hand neatly on Tremel’s grave.   She stared blankly at the grave as thoughts were running wildly through her head.   Vanessa slowly turned away from the grave as she  vowed never to visit it again.   


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