Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Authors Supporting Authors Blog Tour #5- Lily Oak

We are talking today with LILY OAK, author of "Hope Moon", her brand new book published by Hedge Witchery Books.
  • Paperback: 36 pages
  • Publisher: (28 Jan 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 1445272393
  • ISBN-13: 978-1445272399


How did you get this book done so fast?
Basically it was all down to the contributors: Isabelle A Newbill, Julie Carty, Kaolin Fire, Lidia Tremblay, Rob Bond. All the people at Pagan Magic, Lakefront Pagan Voice, Static Movement and Rainbow Tarot. Aslo the fact I'd just set-up Hedge Witchery Books meant i could get it on sale quickly.
Why did you feel the need to attach this book to the cause in Haiti?
The book was written specifically to raise money for Haiti. The terrible events there would not be resolved by the time the news headlines died down having the book out would remind people to do what they could for a longer time.

What will you be working on next?
My first full length fiction project... although still in very early stanges. Am also always working on articles, shorter peices and poetry.

Hope Moon contains a wide range of things from a wide range of people. It includes a lesson in basic moon magic, contributed by Dawn Gribble and taken from's witchcraft e-course. Some brilliant artices on how the moon effects us all in different way by, Lidia Tremblay, Scarlet Page and Laura Goodfellow. It also has it's fair share of creative writing. There are two beautifully haunting short stories by Chris Bartholomew and Kaolin Fire. All of these components are punctuated with poetry by Julie Carty, Isabelle Newbill, Laura Goodfellow and Rob Bond (who's stunning painting adourns the cover).

Lily Oak

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To add some extra fun to the procedings I'm giving away a prize pack of a copy of 'Hope Moon', an Oracle Stone Reading done by myself and some other small goodies. And, there are loads of easy ways to get entries into the draw, you will get 1 entry for each of the following...

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Az Publishing Services, LLC said...

Say "Hello" Lily to our readers and fans. I aplaude your efforts in putting this book together for such as awesome cause. Good luck and let others make questions or comments.

Have fun,
Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC

Lily Oak said...

Thanks Patti! and thanks to everyone for all the support so far!

Lily x

Nightly Cafe said...

Great post! Bravo to both of you :).

Az Publishing Services, LLC said...

I will be adding this information to my Facebook page and Twitter so you may still get some comments or questions.

Thank you Nightly Cafe for stopping by.

I will be adding another post tonight so I will be emailing the direct post page for you tonight for you to continue to advertise this page until your next tour stop. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to host your book and your Charitable Cause.
-- Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC