Thursday, April 15, 2010

Authors Supporting Authors Blog Tour #4- Jo Davis

How did you come up with this story?

Of all the questions that I face on the Domestic Seduction Book Tour (more on this later), this one seems to be the most common. Readers are interested in how myself and the other author on tour with me, Omegia Keeys, come up with the story woven within those bound pages. I’ve glossed over an explanation before today, because I never took the time to really figure out where the stories come from. Before I launch into an attempt to answer the question, let me tell you a little bit about my book.

Domestics  is about a woman, Sarah, who suffers great loss after her  marriage, wrought with domestic violence, ends. She tries to move on, but the memories and her inability to act against her husband’s tyranny, never end. In fact, she learns that other women and children suffer the same type of violence that she did. Sarah finds herself compelled to help, but in an unconventional way. She becomes an assassin for hire, reachable only through a phone number anywhere a woman in need can be found. Sarah stalks her prey, the violent men, under cover of a housekeeping business. She comes in and cleans house, freeing the affected families of the domestic abuse.

Where did this story come from?
First, I must say that this book is neither a memoir, nor is it nonfiction. Domestics  is purely fiction. No, I’ve never been a relationship where domestic violence was involved. The story actually came from an image of a woman sitting in a pristine home, waiting for her family to come home. As a fan of thrillers, mysteries and horror, I knew that the woman’s family would not come home. The question I had to answer was, “Why?”

That’s a loaded question for a writer, along with “What if?” and “How?” It seems that other writers begin that way. I recently read Stephen King’s The Dome. The entire thousand plus page novel can be traced to an image of children torturing ants with a magnifying glass and the question “What if?” My Domestic Seduction Tour colleague Omegia Keeys’ book Passionate Playmates can be traced to the image of a woman in some sort of club, dancing seductively for a customer. Imagine this woman alongside the question “Why?” If you will look closely at the novel on your bedside table, you can determine the image that started the novel and that question which filled in the blanks.

Writing is about building a story, something that is impossible to do without visualization and simple curiosity. Asking questions of the images in our heads is how writers fill the pages within the book’s cover. My current work in progress in tentatively titled Carrying On. It begins with an image of a woman tied and gagged, her three children wrapped in tape and three puzzled hoods standing in the middle of the room. The rest of the novel answers the same question used to create Domestics —“Why?” Don’t worry, Carrying On uses mystery and comedy to tell the complicated tale.

The Domestic Seduction Tour features Jo Davis and Omegia Keeys, authors of Domestics (Davis) and (Keeys). The authors have joined forces on a 12 month tour that begin in January and will end in December, covering major and minor cities throughout the U.S.

Next is a review by BK Walker Books, accompanied by another blurb from me. That will post on April 21. On April 26, I will be on Blog Talk Radio with BK Walker.


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