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Authors Supporting Authors Blog Tour #2- Marian L. Thomas

How to "Publish" Yourself
By: Marian L. Thomas
Bestselling Author of Color Me Jazzmyne

For the last couple of months, perhaps years —you have stared at a monitor, pecked  away at a keyboard and searched the depths of your imagination for something real, fresh and captivating that will show the world who you are from a written page.  Finally, you have put your last period at the end of a sentence and sat back with a smile of disbelief. Did you just finish writing your first book? Will it be a bestseller?  Yes, and Maybe.

Okay, why did I say maybe? When you decided to begin your journey to authorship, you also decided to publish yourself. To put "you" out there to all who haven't never heard of "you" before. It's a scary thought, but such a reality that stares you in the face and asks "are you ready?" A valid question.
So just how do you go about getting not just your book published but you for that matter? Before I answer that, remember this fact: that one can have an amazing book, an amazing cover, and the best story there is out there, but if you fail to publish yourself who will know it?
Here is the mistake I made....yes it's very true which is why I am sharing this with you. No sense in you making the same mistakes. I started publishing myself after my book was out. Can you say big mistake! I had done the research on getting published versus publishing myself. Weighed the options and made decisions on just about everything except how to market the book. If you think that your publisher is going to market your book for you, think again! It's up to you my friend.
It is highly recommended that you begin this process before your book hits the online venues and brick and mortars. Actually, studies have shown that you should begin to market yourself at least three months prior. How?
Here are a few steps to consider that might help you accomplish the task of publishing yourself.
Step 1- Do research on developing a marketing plan, a game plan on how you are going to get your name out there. It's amazing what the “www” world can do for you. Use it.
Step 2-Get on social media sites and begin making connections. Who knows better how to market yourself than other authors that have done it? Ask questions, take notes and continue with step 1.
Step 3-Get a blog going and use the research information you found in step 1 as your posts. Select different topics each week. If they came from another blog-make sure you link back to them. Not only do you help other fellow bloggers who might return the favor for the link back to them as the publishing source, but it helps to get your name out there in the writing community as a great resource. People like freebies, advice and places they can go to get questions answered. Become an expert on some topic that is worth them coming to your blog about.
Step 4-Begin chatting with those in the PR business. They know how to market authors, it's what they do! If you find one that you really like, consider bringing them on your journey to authorship. Speaking of freebies....
You can get a free eBook titled "How to Be Your Own Publicist" on April 13, 2010. It was contributed by EDC-Creations as a bonus gift for "The Color Me Jazzmyne 15 hr Amazing Grab Bag" blast event. Everyone who purchases just (1) copy of my book will receive 10 amazing bonus gifts-Free. This wonderful eBook is just one of them and let me tell you, it is a must read! Yes, there is an Amazing Grab Bag of prizes that will be given away too!
I am currently on a virtual blog tour, so thanks for stopping by today. I hope this article was resourceful for you. Please stop by and visit my “Author Interview”- with host Lillian Brummet of Conscious Discussions.
I thank AZPublishing Services for inviting me to be their guest.
About the Author:
Marian is originally from the Windy City, Chicago but currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband and they spoiled but playful dog, Winston. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Communication, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Since the debut of her book, she has been featured in CrossRoadsNews-a Metro Atlanta paper, Black Perl Magazine, The Chris Treece Show and the Atlanta Skirt Magazine-as one of Atlanta’s 9 to 5 Women of Business in the Media Industry.


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Ok Marian, say Hello.
I wish you much success tomorrow and I will be checking in sometime to see if you got any bites. I will also add to Twitter and Facebook. I will also be letting my authors know you are in the house for questions and comments about publishing yourself and adding publicity.

Good luck,
Patti Hultstrand
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Hi Patti,
Thank you again for having me. I love the setup for the blog!


Lee said...

Thank you, Marian, for the great tips. I very much enjoyed reading your guest blog.
Lee Libro

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Thank you Lee."Swimmingwithwings.com" what a great url name. Very inviting.

A. said...

Nice tips. Hope you get some good responses. Enjoy your tour. ;o}
A. Lightbourne

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To A.Lightbourne,
Thank you. Enjoy yours as well.

BK said...

Great topic to choose Marian! I too will be posting todays tour pit stops to facebook etc, Bravo on the excellent blurb!

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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This will stay up until tomorrow evening when I add an interview with a new author of mine. People can still find the blog entry and you never know, it may get more hits after it moves down the page. I know Aurora got messages even after I added your blog tour, so there is always hope. Wish you got more comments, but I know you have some viewers and some of my authors commented on your blog entry. Again, reading, but not commenting.

Good luck on your book sale event on April 13th. I would be interested to know how successful this is so I may try it out.

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BiggerThanYourBlock said...

Thanks for sharing these great tips. Lots of folks write books, but the hard part is marketing and promoting that book.

Good tips, good tips.


Shay Olivarria

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