Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New contempory Horror Book

A haunting. A disappearance. A scandal. An obsession. Welcome to Lafington where the ghost of yesterday's sin hides in the long memory and deep shadow of the Ole Lamplighter. The Lamplighter Collection consists of seven horror and suspense short stories set in the small, Midwest town of Lafington. The stories explore what happens in a small town when the lights go off and the mocking moon grins down on the world below. Some are haunted by obsession, others drown in scandal. But all of their darkest desires are eclipsed by a presence much older and profound. Here, the local legends are more than mere ghost stories. In Lafington, those stories are truth.

Todd VanHooser has two other books in the genre of Fantasy Adventure. He is now signed with us here at Az Publishing Services, LLC and comes aboard with his first contemporary horror. This small book is packed with enough scare tactics to make you want to read it in the daylight. But, the night always follows the day, so there is nowhere to hide.

Personal Endorsement -
I love Todd's style of writing and I know he takes great strides in his writing to not only create a great story, but to write it very well. I met Todd at a local Fantasy/Sci-Fi fan convention (WesterCon) in Tempe, Arizona last July 2009. I picked up his 682 page "The Barren Twelve" fantasy book, scanning it for style and readability, as I always do when encountering a new author's work. Was very pleased to see a well designed and well written book. Todd is a rare breed of well versed author, creative writing teacher, and he is a fine looking man to top off the entire package. This combination is every publisher's dream. He has high expectations of himself and those he works with, which is why, I think, it took him so long to come aboard the Az Publishing family of small publishers.

Todd and his new book, "The Lamplighter Collection" is welcomed home at Az Publishing Services, LLC. We wish him many years of success and hope to assist him in publishing many more stories in the future.

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