Friday, March 5, 2010

Great review for Time Conquers All

Time Conquers All
P.J. Hultstrand
ISBN: 9781936037049
Az Publishing Services
Reviewed By Chelsea Perry

Official Apex Reviews Rating:
When Princess Tamea begins having recurring dreams of a mysterious
young man fighting in a futuristic war far ahead of her time, she starts to believe
that she’s losing grip on her sanity. When those dreams are eventually followed,
though, by a vision of the same man dying in her arms in another time and place,
it begins to dawn on her that something in her life is about to change. The only
question that remains: is she his savior - or is he a portentous link to her
unforeseen future...?

An imaginative fantastical romance, Time Conquers All takes the reader
on a vivid journey to the nether regions of time and place. In innovative fashion,
author P.J. Hultstrand has crafted a moving tale that doubles as both epic saga and
trans-dimensional romance, successfully coaxing the reader to suspend disbelief
long enough to become completely immersed in the lush literary world of her
creation. Furthermore, in both Tamea and Parker, her beloved, Hultstrand has
created sympathetic characters that readers will find it difficult not to love - not to
mention root for as they struggle to overcome a series of increasingly cumbersome
challenges to the consummation of their love.

A moving love story for the ages, Time Conquers All is sure to strike a
strong chord with die-hard fans of classic romance.

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