Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Author list this blog is Hosting between April 1st - July 9th:

April 1 - Aurora Lightbourne 
NEW ADD ON INTERVIEW -- April 7th - Marian L. Thomas
April 12 - Margaret West 
April 16 - Jo Davis author of Domestics
April 26 - James C.Wallace II 
April 30 - Fiona Ingram 
May 17 - Joe Schwartz 
May 27 - Sindee Lynn author of Prince's Donor
June 4 - David Fingerman 
June 8 - Denise Verrico 
June 14th - Cate Masters
June 15th - Ya Ya 
June 24 - Louise Wise 
July 9 - Baby Ross 
The author may be giving away gifts for supporting this blog tour, so it pays to read and send in comments and other questions for them. Readers and tourists will have all day and night to comment and the author will answer back.
Have fun everyone. 


louise said...

Hi, you're going to be appearing on my blog in June and I can't wait.
I've a scifi book and know what you mean when you say people are afraid of it - my scifi is more romance than farout spacey adventures.
Enjoy your tour.

the WOD-vocate said...

Why is it that women writer's who have science-fiction in their books, apologize for it. My book, "Time Conquers All" is tagged as a time-travel romance only because there is more money in it, but the time-travel is not the Rumpelstiltskin style, but more pure sci-fi. I grew up with it and believe in the possibility of time-travel in our time (and space).

I should start a Facebook group for the Women Writer's of Sci-fi. Andre Norton wasn't afraid to run with the big name sci-fi writer's so why should we?

Louise and Aurora, shout out and let's hear it for Sci-fi Chicks everywhere!

Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC