Sunday, February 28, 2010

Az Publishing Services' Books for the Week 3-1

Az Publishing Services, LLC works on 4 -5 books per week - March 1st -7th, 2010 

- ADVERSE INTENTIONS by Cher-Rhonda Woodard-Lynk - Underground Publications
Cher-Rhonda snuck in her re-order at end of the week so her books will be shipped Monday 3-1

- FRACTURED TIME by Michael D'Ambrosio - Az Publishing Services

The first in series of the same title - still working on this one.

- MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA by Robb -Be Uplifted Press
Spiritual non-fiction going to print this week for real this time. We had waited for the reviews to come back so could include them in this first edition.

Az Publishing Services & Laughing Moon Productions
Print Proof has been approved and going to print 3-1; Already available on Amazon; New interview will be posted this week on BlogTalk Radio and everywhere else we post these interviews. 

-  NIGHT CREEPS by Michael D'Ambrosio -
Some touch ups and another order for Michael and his new adult horror book. Can ship by end of this week.

- BEE-WILDERED by Charles Burgess - Underground Publications
Shipping another book order  by Tuesday - Charles is on his 3rd shipment trailing another book party coming up on March 8th.

-  FED UP by Ceree Hall - Remastered 2nd edition is ready for shipping tomorrow, 3-1

If you want to be on next week's list, then you owe it to yourself to talk to me now.

Patti Hultstrand

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