Sunday, February 28, 2010

Az Publishing Services' Books for the Week 3-1

Az Publishing Services, LLC works on 4 -5 books per week - March 1st -7th, 2010 

- ADVERSE INTENTIONS by Cher-Rhonda Woodard-Lynk - Underground Publications
Cher-Rhonda snuck in her re-order at end of the week so her books will be shipped Monday 3-1

- FRACTURED TIME by Michael D'Ambrosio - Az Publishing Services

The first in series of the same title - still working on this one.

- MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA by Robb -Be Uplifted Press
Spiritual non-fiction going to print this week for real this time. We had waited for the reviews to come back so could include them in this first edition.

Az Publishing Services & Laughing Moon Productions
Print Proof has been approved and going to print 3-1; Already available on Amazon; New interview will be posted this week on BlogTalk Radio and everywhere else we post these interviews. 

-  NIGHT CREEPS by Michael D'Ambrosio -
Some touch ups and another order for Michael and his new adult horror book. Can ship by end of this week.

- BEE-WILDERED by Charles Burgess - Underground Publications
Shipping another book order  by Tuesday - Charles is on his 3rd shipment trailing another book party coming up on March 8th.

-  FED UP by Ceree Hall - Remastered 2nd edition is ready for shipping tomorrow, 3-1

If you want to be on next week's list, then you owe it to yourself to talk to me now.

Patti Hultstrand

I hear my authors' cry

I wrote to one of my author's recently and thought it should be shared in part by anyone who cares about independent publishing and America's book industry.

I hear your aggravation. I am certainly glad when author's look for avenues to sell their books. I have said from the beginning that this is a group effort and that we will all grow together. Charles Burgess was my first author outside of Don and myself. That was just last May. We are gumming our way through all the red tape that has crusted over from age and put there by the dinosaur publishing companies who don't want us to play in their sand box.

19 books so far and now growing by 3 books a month. We are being noticed which is great in some sand boxes, but not good in the B&N and Borders play grounds. Our book production is getting better and just the fact that we are still in business in this economy is amazing.

Other than tooting the horn, what I'm saying is we are scratching our way thru those roadblocks and from every success, you guys benefit. I don't bother you guys with all the negative stuff. That is my job to get worked up about. Thank God my partner is there to calm me down when I start tackling the soap box. Frankly, I get really upset when we are denied access to potential sales because there is a dinosaur in the way!

I know you guys are hearing things too in your back yards. Remember though, that you came aboard for a reason. I'm leading the charge and am down there in the trenches with you lady. And there are days when I wonder how the hell did I get into this mess! Then I help an author with their book and their excitement is infectious.

It is too late for me to drop everything because I would be letting too many of you down. And I enjoy getting drunk on your excitement and anticipation when the book is in the production stages. So, I do understand your aggravation. Besides, I have too much invested in all of you and your books. Obviously money is in those noble ideals somewhere.

And obviously I have taken a risk and it's in my best interest to make it happen for your guys! And I will! I will get through that red tape. We will be in those big dinosaur bookstores. But what all of you need to understand, just because we are in those bookstores, doesn't mean crap if we don't sell those books in 3-6 weeks. Otherwise they ship them all back to me and my expense.

NOT FAIR! I know. But the bookstores hold the keys to the sandbox and the big publishers hold the sand.

So, I'm going for the ankles, and want all of you there with me.
Patience is a virtue, wish I had some.

Your Publisher,
Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC

Friday, February 19, 2010

Az Publishing Services' Books for the Week

Az Publishing works on 4 books per week - February 22 - 27, 2010
- FED UP by Ceree Hall - Printing the updated version;
- FRACTURED TIME by Michael D'Ambrosio- The first in series of the same title; 

- MAYBE GOD HAS A BETTER IDEA by Robb - Spiritual non-fiction going to print this week; 
- Lamplighter Collection by Todd VanHooser - New book; 
- BEE-WILDERED by Charles Burgess - Shipping on Monday so it doesn't count 

If you want to be on next week's list, then you owe it to yourself to talk to me now.

Patti Hultstrand
Az Publishing Services, LLC

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Historical Fantasy doing well with Clash of the Titans

In a time when god driven stories are making the movie screens and on television, stories about pre-history such as in the time of Atlantis should also do well at the sales counters. This book, "Ancestors: Chronicles of the Druids" is just such a book. The author downplays the attachment that this is an Atlantian story; he is being short sighted in the potential draw of the "god" stories and the resurgence of "historical fantasies".

Such movies like "Clash of the Titans" and the new one coming up, "Percy Jackson & the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief" should be categorized as historical fantasies. The plot is based on a thread of historical folklore and in the case of "Lightning Thief," is brought forward to our present time. If not for the sliver of folklore attached to the story, this book and movie would be categorized as "urban fantasy" which is a fictional fantasy pulled into contemporary urban settings.

Historical fiction hasn't been doing very well in print. Add some romance to the historical story and market the story as a romance instead of pushing the historical slant and you've got the sales coming in. If you don't have enough romance in the story, then make sure there is enough adventure.

"Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" is coming to the screen this week, February 12th. This movie is based on a book by Rick Riordan. The synopsis reads the story is about a teenager who discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods. Sounds like the ultimate fantasy to me.

"Clash of the Titans" is coming out March 26th in the regular screens, but they are also coming out with a 3D version April 2nd. Even though I love historical fantasies, I will personally stay out of the 3D version of "Clash of the Titans" because I HATE scorpions. What's worse than a scorpion? HUGE scorpions coming at you in 3D!!