Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book Street at Scottsdale Art Festival


Pictured here are some of the authors who came out to Book Street on November 21-22nd. Charles Burgess (Don't Say you do if you Don't) and Carolyn Ritacca (The Grayhill Spectre) came all the way from Wisconsin to be with us over the sunny weekend. So proud of them all.

Authors pictured standing in order from left to right:  Charles Burgess, Carolyn Ritacca, and Kenton Knepper. Shown sitting: Zoe Sherwood, Lynell and myself (Patti Hultstrand), all holding our books to show off. 

Shown here, Donald Jacques, President of Az Publishing Services, LLC, talking ebook formats with Bryan.

We welcome Lynell with her new book, which was hot off the press the day before this Book Street event and titled, "Dreams Among Nightmares." Lynell is pictured here with her first sales of her book.

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