Sunday, October 18, 2009

Official ReLAUNCH

This is the official RELAUNCH of "Publishing 101" blog site. Wanted to revamp our look and update our focus for this blog. Will continue to give advice on book or marketing material design for anyone following. Will also be using this blog to add news for Az Publishing Services, LLC, an Arizona book publisher.

Have added some BlogRadio interviews for everybody to listen to. These interviews will be continually added onto as we interview our authors and other professionals in the book publishing industry. The interviews are planned to coordinate with the blog and Facebook drawings.

There will be regular drawings in order to increase our traffic, obviously!
And part of our new platform is to focus on one book, one author per week. With 12 new books out since May, we have weeks just to catch up, so we may run 2 promos per week through end of November. These promos will be from our choice of imprint publishers currently signed under the parent publishing house, Az Publishing Services, LLC.


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