Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration in writing ...
One doesn't get up in the morning and say, "Think I'll write today." A person becomes inspired by those around them or by what has been done to them. The teenager with too many emotions to handle, becomes inspired to put these thoughts on paper to get them out of their head before they explode. The mother writes something in between the potatoes and the pot roast on her organized grocery list because that inspiration is overflowing in her creative mind, spilling into this world in a need to get free. The tire&auto repair station attendant sits in the restroom stealing whatever moments he can to write just a few more lines on that short story he's been working on for months. And a lonely woman writes about a man; the man that never came to take them away from their lonely life.

It's said that everyone has at least 1 story inside them. You may want to let that story get out and put onto paper. You'll know its it YOUR inspiration!