Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Booklets vs Postcards

I had someone at the Open House I held this last weekend at the printing shop who prints my books and chapter booklets ask me if I thought postcards would be more effective and cheaper than chapter books.

My answer was: Postcards are also important to get the word out to groups that are at a distance from you and are cheaper to print and send. However, imagine the greater impact you'll have if you send or drop off some chapter books for people to take home with them. I, for one, find it very easy to throw away postcards even knowing how much they spent on them. But, I still have the chapter booklets I got years ago (truly years ago) from conventions and I made the effort to try out these authors because of this simple addition to the FREEBIE table. And I have learned something about marketing books in the process.

Why did I keep these booklets?
I kept them because they were miniature books to me. Someone gave me a piece of their book to try out. It felt more professional while still being personal. And honestly, having been a graphic designer for so many years, I appreciate the effort and extra expense it took to give me this piece of their book.