Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Book Reviews and Review Copies

I think any publisher in this information age who doesn't embrace web-based reviews is critically cutting their potential customer reach. As an author and a publisher I can speak from both sides of the brain and say that an author should NEVER rely completely on the publishers to market them online or otherwise. Writing the Book is just the beginning and it is within the author's best interest to grasp the online marketing potential of free networking sites.

About Review copies -- I think the time of printed galleys is over. Rather than galleys, I use chapter books as give-aways and pre-sales materials. I would however highly suggest paying the extra (as long as it's within reasonable amount) for several review copies printed before running the regular run of your book. There is NO greater way to catch mistakes and problems with the print run than when you get the book in your hands. I would suggest 3 copies at least and expect them to be written in by those you give to review the book. Also, once you get a review copy you will be very motivated to make those changes that will make your book more outstanding.

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