Monday, January 26, 2009

Why the last entry enraged me

Thank you Chuck Lesher for bringing this juicy morsel to my attention. (Writer of "Evolution's Child")

Ok--How greedy does a company have to become before the community of authors say "enough is enough already!!"

I was asked last week, whether I think author's shouldn't be selling on Amazon? People assume I am totally against them since I mention their business antics on occasion. I do get on my soap box at times. It is only fair that I explain my point-of-view.

Monopolies are not good for the economy and to small businesses who are struggling to stay afloat, especially now in this tough economy. The publishing industry is hard to break into if you try the traditional mold. The small publishers and print-on-demand businesses have grown. Do I need to remind everyone that Amazon has make mega $$$ on the independent author market. So, is it really good business practice to kick around your cash cow?

Last Spring the word spread that Amazon was threatening to turn off the independent publisher's BUY button on their website. And most of the small publishers and printers turned around and took it in the backside. Then, their were a few wonderfully passionate souls who decided that this was NOT OK with them and pushed back through the court system. As far as I know, we're still waiting on this outcome.

Honestly, I didn't think even Amazon had the balls to kick sand in the face of Microsoft and Adobe by pushing out these companies' readers from their e-book customers. If I were a cartoonist, I would draw 3 fighting logos in the wrestling ring, all fighting for the dwindling reading market customer.

All I have to say about this is, "To your corners gentlemen and at the bell ring, come out fighting!"

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