Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calling Web Designers

After writing several books in my "Time" series, I had decided a website would be a good idea. Having been a graphic designer for 18 years I also decided I wouldn't let someone else design the site for me.

Why? Three reasons really.

1) I've been avoiding delving into the web design part of marketing. Telling myself that I didn't want to get into that type of design. I finally had a reason, so I went back to school and updated my education.

2) I'm very capable of learning new things. Thrive on it even. And programming is completely out of my comfort zone. So, I dived in and I'm floating most of the time.

3) I've been hearing stories from some of my customers at the print shop, that they had a web designer drop the ball on their project and either didn't finish it, or even start it. And then there's the frequent one I hear about the designer having purchased the domain name and then hadn't renewed it or hadn't told the company it needed renewing. The customer had lost the domain name to someone else who bought the rights to use it and this let to unnecessary costs when the company had to buy all new invoices, business cards and all marketing materials that had the old domain name that went to someone else.

Then of course, they had to choose a new domain name and pay another web designer to fix their website with the new domain path.

Is it just business when a web designer decides there's no money in continuing to service the customer so they drop the ball? or don't finish a job they were probably paid for? or take a job they are underqualified to perform so they never finish the job.

There was this local vendor who fulfilled design services in Phoenix. (Just one example: drum scanning a slide for high resolution magazine printing.)

Anyway, this vendor quoted a price for a high end design service job for a graphic designer friend I know. The friend didn't get this job and was told by his potential customer who had underbid him. The vendor had taken the information on the job they quoted and underbid that quote in order to get the job themselves. They had stabbed the graphic designer in the back and had alienated not only that graphic designer, but every other designer he had told about the unethical practices of said vendor.

My point:
I don't use the services of that vendor because they had ruined their reputation for the sake of money. Just as I'd rather do my own web design than to farm it out to someone who may or may not be more qualified. And now I'm being paid by some of these customer's to fix, finish or at least start their companies' websites.

I would love to get help with especially PHP programming of databases, but it seems everyone is busy on other projects. Even if they weren't busy, I'd be wary to work with anyone who I was not certain of their business ethics.

So, how's your reputation standing?

Until next time,
Patti Hultstrand
AZ Publishing Services, LLC

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