Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who am I?

Eighteen years of print publishing experience has allowed me to see so many changes in the computer graphics industry that it really boggles the mind sometimes. Having worked on MacOS systems and Windows machines has given me a broad view on when to work on which system for whatever project you're working on. I have worked in every form of publishing there is, from web press printing, digital, offset, and more. The only exception had been e-publishing, and this has recently changed; I'm now an e-publisher as well. See

Understanding JPG files: When can you use them for printing your projects?
Why should an author add a blog to their website?
Why e-Publish your book?
What's spot color in printing?
AND SO MUCH MORE -- check here at least once a week for new topics or blog me a question. I'm happy to help demystify the publishing and print industry.

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